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Camo Spotlight: Lost Camo® by Mathews®

Camo Spotlight: Lost Camo® by Mathews®

Good hunting camouflage is determined by one thing: concealment. Sticks and leaves are great to wear on your shirt to show your appreciation for the outdoors, but if you're walking around downtown, chances are you will stick out like a sore thumb. Take a hike in the woods, however, and you might just blend right in.

It goes without saying, those who wear camouflage in the woods are typically hunters. Unlike animal predators, we human hunters don't go chasing our prey on foot. We don't stand a chance. That's why we use weapons, to make up for the fact that brute strength alone won't make us great hunters. But even great firepower isn't enough if we don't have a clear shot to take. That's where concealment comes in.

Get Lost or Be Found

Hiding in plain sight gives you the element of surprise. It's a popular strategy for both gun and bow hunting. Patience is tested and tried, but when the time is right your reward will come to you. Being spotted before making the shot rapidly diminish the chances of success. You may get lucky but most hunters prefer to try again and wait for the next one. The probability staying hidden improve if you're wearing the right camouflage. That's when it's time to get Lost.

Lost Camo


Lost Camo® was developed by Mathews® founder, Matt McPherson and team. This wildly popular camouflage pattern is perfect for hunting in the woods, especially during the Autumn. However, the color pallet in the Lost pattern can be found year round, making the camouflage useful for all seasons. Lost is equally effective in various kinds of terrain such as western draws, fence lines, rocky hillsides, or the Texas brush.

The breakup found in Lost's pattern is above standard. The layout and direction of the branches are diverse enough to mimic the organic variety found in nature. The pallet of colors are used effectively throughout the pattern so that one section isn't dominated by a single color. While other hunting patterns use 25” x 25” frames, Lost Camo® frames are 60” x 40”. This means the imagery doesn't repeat as often, giving a more realistic impression whether up close or at a distance. Your hunt will never see you coming.


The credit for this effective hunting pattern goes to Matthews®, Inc. Matt McPherson and his team primarily focus on the manufacture and distribution of hunting bows. The SOLOCAM® is their flagship bow and it revolutionized the archery industry because it is lighter, faster, quieter, and powerfully accurate. Today Mathews® is one of the leading bow producers in the world.

Because Mathews® is an expert on archery, naturally bow hunting was among their specialties. The need for concealment for both the archer and the weapon was obvious. Lost Camo® was designed with the purpose of concealing the wearer high among the trees and branches. Having the high ground is common practice for hunting. This is especially true for bow hunters. Most archers like to position themselves so they look down on their prey in close proximity while remaining safe from harm.

Lost is perfect for bow hunting


Simply stated, Lost Camo®’s business plan was created to change lives. Neither Matt McPherson nor Mathews® acquire any proceeds from Lost Camo®. Every cent of the yearend profits is given away — mostly to missionaries. Their mission statement is to fund the gospel message of Jesus Christ through the profitable licensing of their intellectual properties to other manufacturers.

Lost Camo Logo
100 percent of the proceeds — not the “majority” or “most of” — but 100 percent of the Lost Camo® profits go towards helping people less fortunate around the world.

- Matt McPherson

When Matt McPherson created Lost Camo® his purpose wasn’t to make money. In fact, many people don’t know that they donate 100% of their proceeds to charities. Purchasing a gun or gear skin with Lost Camo® helps to fund the Matthews® charity initiative. No other licensed camouflage pattern we carry has a mission statement quite like that. We support what Lost does for the world and are proud to offer their line of camouflage for all our products.

Rifle Skin wrapped in Lost Camo

Lost Camo® is making a difference. Proceeds help the less fortunate around the world while wearing the camouflage enables hunters to hunt with the safety that proper concealment provides. And for everyone else who loves Lost can wear it proudly and show their appreciation for the outdoors. Getting Lost isn't as bad as it sounds, now is it?

That's Protection in Camouflage®

Posted on September 26 2014


  • Fred Macias: December 28, 2017

    Do you carry lost camo for AR15

  • GunSkins: December 28, 2017

    Yes, Fred, we offer AR-15 Rifle Skins in Matthew’s Lost Camo, Lost AT, and Lost XD.

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