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Camo Spotlight: Vista™ Pink by NEXT Camo®

Camo Spotlight: Vista™ Pink by NEXT Camo®

Camouflage is concealment. Camouflage can also be style. Vista Pink gets it right on both accounts. NEXT Camo® is the producer of the popular G1 Vista™ Pattern. This autumn image is richly detailed with the perfect balance of leaves, pine needles, branches and moss, all arranged in a natural layout that mimics nature well. While the original Vista Pattern makes for a great hunting camouflage, Vista Pink brings the love of the outdoors to a whole new audience.

Vista Pink Rifle and Pistol Skins

Vista Pink looks fabulous on a Hunting Rifle or Concealed Carry Handgun.


Vista Pink by NEXT Camo

The company that designed the Vista Pink pattern is NEXT Camo®. They Introduced the world's first high definition super wide format traditional hunting pattern, the G-2 Series. They believe in getting the highest level of detail in their imagery to offer the best concealment possible. It's so much more than sticks and leaves, it's about not settling for less.

Next Camo specializes primarily in leaf and limb patterns. Maybe you can call them old school. but they're leading the way in taking traditional hunting camouflage to the extreme. The use of multi-directional elements make their patterns more functional in a wide range of terrain. When used on a gun skin, the patterns are very fluid and far less repetitive than other competitive camouflage patterns.

Like the original Vista pattern, Vista Pink combines multi-directional photo realistic elements with a well balanced blend of natural Green and Brown elements including a mix of oak leaves and pine branches, over a neutral base of grey-toned limb and tree elements. In addition to that, they've added another element to enhance the pattern. Color! Vista Pink is the most popular of all of the Vista Color varieties.


Compared to Muddy Girl, Vista Pink is very conservative and traditional. At first glance it may even be considered "girly". In fact, Vista Pink is actually quite popular when used as decorative party favors. You have to admit, it's much better than a Hello Kitty themed birthday party, right?

Vista Pink Park Supplies

While this particular camo may become your little girl's favorite, it's certainly not any less legitimate for the both the serious and the casual outdoors man/woman. When performance and style collide, that's where Vista Pink really stands among the crowd. It's rugged meets adorable. And when wrapping a weapon with this pattern, you can display your feminine side with an attitude.

The next time you want to take your lady out for a hot date, don't take her to the movies. Go hunting and let her wear Vista Pink on her rifle!


The month of October is dedicated for Breast Cancer Awareness. We believe breast cancer is an issue that should be at the forefront of our concerns all year long. We'd like to nominate Vista Pink to be the flagship camouflage pattern for all those who have struggled with breast cancer.

We understand that the color pink will not work miracles, but it has become a symbol that men and women can stand together for a common cause. While not everyone is able to provide financial support for the cause, it's also important to provide emotional support and that's why pink is so important. Be proud to wear pink, either with a ribbon pinned on your shirt or with a camo wrapped weapon of your choice.


If you love pink and hunting, then Vista Pink is for you! You won't blend in to your environment unless you travel to the magical land of bubblegum forests and cotton candy trees. But that's not as important as your love for the outdoors. NEXT Camo has created a camouflage pattern that stands above the crowd, and we have the exclusive camouflage wraps that can be used easily to apply Vista Pink to your rifle, shotgun, pistol, or gear. 

It makes a great gift for any occasion. Show her how much she means to you with Vista Pink.

With Love, Vista Pink


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