A Dominant Lack of Presence

2014 Year in Review for GunSkins

2014 Year in Review for GunSkins

The GunSkins brand is built on a quality product and exceptional customer service. Our motto is simple "Treat others as you want to be treated." Every decision we make as a company is filtered through this thought.  Throughout this article we want to highlight some of the steps we have taken to better serve our customers.


GunSkins Desktop Website

In April of this year we moved our website to a new platform and server.  We've switched to Shopify as our eCommerce platform and by doing so we are able to offer our customers a safer and more streamlined experience from browsing to checkout. We've also added new features such as customer accounts and product reviews.

GunSkins Mobile Website

The highlight of the new site is the mobile version. When you access our site from a mobile device, it will display a unique theme that is flexible and fluid, to fit any device from phones to tablets. Not only does it look nice and sleek, it provides all of the functionality and content the desktop version offers, but with a touch friendly interface.

This year was also the launch of our blog, titled "A Dominant Lack of Presence". We've featured our products in detail, highlighted specific camouflage patterns, and made announcements for future developments. This has been the outlet to get an inside scoop on all things GunSkins. It's been our goal to post semi-weekly and we've got many more articles to post in 2015!


The lineup of camouflage patterns we offer for our kits is always changing, and that's a good thing! Through trail and error, and customer feedback, we do our best to offer the best in popular camouflage. At the beginning of the year our lineup consisted of 19 patterns. Now at the end of the year our current lineup consists of 26 camouflage patterns. Only 7 patterns remained from the original lineup.

Original 19 Camo Patterns

The original 19 camouflage patterns from launch.

Current 26 Camo Patterns

Our current list of camouflage patterns.

Some of the new camouflage patterns introduced this year include Moon Shine Camo, Proveil Camo, Matthews Lost Camo, and the emerging VALDYR Camo.  In 2015 We will continue to pursue the best patterns available for concealment and style.


AK-47 Skin

GunSkins were created with the goal of providing the most complete concealment option for weapons and gear. When we created the Rifle Skin, it undoubtedly led to the creation of the Scope Skin to match. Likewise, our AR-15 Skin Kit led to the need for additional Mag Skins as a separate product to cover additional mags.

Customer feedback and requests led to the creation of the AK-47 Skin and the accessory kit, the AK-47 Mag Skin. It's currently being sold as a limited release, but it's possible that we'll keep it if the demand for it remains.

Some of the new products we recently released in the later part of this year include our very own Grip Assist, as well as a hobby knife and Froglube Cleaning Solvent and CLP. These items are completely functional all on their own, but they all work wonderfully when used alongside our GunSkins Camo Kits. We're also happy to announce that we have plans to release even more new products next year, all of which are going to be just as amazing as everything else we currently have available.

New Froglube Products

We have seen tremendous growth throughout this year and look forward to the same in 2015. We are truly thankful for the support of our customers and we will continue to pursue excellence in everything we do.

2015, LET'S DO THIS!

That's Protection in Camouflage®

Posted on December 30 2014


  • Rusty copeland : December 25, 2016

    I want a American flag skin for a m and p sheiks and also a flock 26 if possible

  • GunSkins: December 26, 2016

    Rusty, I suggest using our Pistol Skin for both the M & P Shield and the Glock 26. The kit is generic and requires you to trim to fit using a sharp hobby knife.

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