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25% Off Select Camouflage Patterns All Month Long!

25% Off Select Camouflage Patterns All Month Long!

Out with the old and in with the new. 2016 has come and gone and we're getting ready for bigger and better things in 2017! We've got plenty of new camouflage patterns on the horizon to offer for you. But before we can do this, we need to clear out some old patterns by discounting them at clearance prices.

During the month of January, select kits will be on sale for 25% off! Qualifying products will feature patterns that aren't going to be staying with us for 2017. Look for the HIGHLIGHTED SWATCHES to see which patterns are on sale. Once an item is sold out, that's it! No guarantees or rain checks.

2017 Clearance Sale Patterns

It's always difficult to make cuts, but we're positive the new entries will be worth it. The following patterns are being discontinued with 25% off!

  • Outshine
  • Reaper Buck
  • Reaper Woods
  • OD Green
  • Rebel Flag
  • Molon Labe Green
  • Jolly Roger

Hurry, while supplies last!

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Posted on December 31 2016


  • Brandon dunivan: January 12, 2017

    Was wondering if you guys had the thin blue line wrap for the glock 22 gen 4 and glock 43… do y’all do law enforcement discounts?

  • GunSkins: January 12, 2017

    Yes Brandon, Thin Blue Line will be available as a complete Pistol Skin very soon!

  • Dan: January 14, 2017
    I am trying to order the black Magpul case for an iPhone 6 as well as the wrap black with the scope for my son however your website is not allowing me to do this please advise
  • GunSkins: January 14, 2017

    I apologize for the trouble, Dan. We have discontinued selling the Magpul Phone Case for the iPhone 6. We currently only have them available for the iPhone 5. As far as the Scope Skin is concerned, Reaper Black is in stock and available for purchase.

  • Rusty Copeland: January 25, 2017

    I want the rebel flag for pistol and ar if at all possible

  • GunSkins: January 25, 2017

    Unfortunately, the Rebel Flag pattern was only produced for accessory kits, not complete gun wraps.

  • Roger : January 27, 2017

    Do you have the Thin Blue Line for AR-15’s ..?

  • GunSkins: January 27, 2017

    Roger, we’re currently working on something for the complete AR-15 Rifle Skin. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Brent cotton: January 31, 2017

    Made an order today but couldn’t figure out how to order the rebel flag one??? Can’t get anyone on phone so here i am!!! Need a lil help please?

  • GunSkins: January 31, 2017

    Rebel Flag is not available for all products. We only offered it for the Phone Skin, Magwell Skin, AR-15 Mag Skin, and Pistol Mag Skin.

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