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Show Off Your Guns Giveaway - 2016

Show Off Your Guns Giveaway - 2016

GunSkins firearm wraps are perfect for adding camouflage concealment and physical protection to your firearm. They're also great for those who love to show off their latest tactical weapons and accessories. With more than 30 patterns to choose from, there's something for every gun!

Whether you're a seasoned hunter, military enthusiast, or hard-core airsoft player, we think your gun needs a touch of camo. We want you to experience the protection of a GunSkins camouflage wrap! By the end of the month, we're going to give away GunSkins kits to 10 lucky winners! This is our first ever "Show Off Your Guns Giveaway!"


Here's your chance to wrap your AR-15, AK-47, Pistol, Shotgun, or Rifle. It's easy to enter! Simply send us a photo of your favorite firearm to be entered into our giveaway! You can do this several ways:

We will be sharing some of our favorite submissions on our Facebook Page and other social media channels throughout the month. How cool would it be to see your gun displayed to thousands of fellow GunSkins enthusiasts? Yeah boy!

Show Off AR-15 Rifle

Please submit photo of gun by itself. No selfies or models please.


No purchase necessary. Limit one entry per user, regardless of the number of photo submissions. Photos do not require the firearm to be wrapped in GunSkins to qualify. However, the user must have all the necessary rights to the photo. We want to see your guns, not someone else's.

All entries must be received by March 31st at midnight (PST) to be entered into the giveaway. Winners will be randomly selected the following week and be contacted via email. Each of the ten prizes will include one (1) gun wrap kit and one (1) accessory kit. For example, a prize package may include a Rifle and Scope Skin, or AR-15 Rifle Skin with a Mag Skin 3-Pack. Limit up to $85 in retail value each prize package.


  • GunSkins: April 06, 2016

    Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the giveaway! The deadline has passed and the 10 lucky winners have all been notified via email message.

  • Lacey Patterson: March 09, 2016

    gunskins ROCK!! I LOVE mine!.. It makes my gun look awsome! And for an affordable price too!.. I plan on buying more! I highky roccomend this product to anyone who wants to give their gun a new or personalized look.

  • GunSkins: March 08, 2016

    Thanks for entering the giveaway, Rudy. Best of luck to you!

  • Rudy: March 08, 2016

    Bought my first gun skin recently and beyond satisfied song look forward to purchasing more products soon and hope to win in your recent giveaway!

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