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HotLeaf Camo | Blend In. Stand Out.

HotLeaf Camo | Blend In. Stand Out.

GunSkins is all about changing the look of your guns and gear. Black, FDE, OD Green, whatever color your firearm came in from the factory, perhaps you have considered applying a new finish to it. What could your Browning AB3 hunting rifle look like with some sticks and leaves on it? How about your Springfield XDM pistol with a touch of pink? You don't need to break the bank to make this a reality.

Enter: HotLeaf Camo. This emerging company was founded by women and specialize in offering only the best in hunting apparel and gear for the female hunter. Their flagship camouflage pattern, HotLeaf, was designed to utilize color into a field tested, high-functioning hunting camo. Contrary to initial impressions, HotLeaf has been scientifically proved to provide effective concealment in the outdoors, especially when hunting medium and large game such as elk and deer.

 Rifle Skin (HotLeaf Camo)

Hunting Rifle Skin in HotLeaf Camo

The advantage for the hunter is that the ungulated eye from many animal species have very limited range of detectable colors. While the saturated hues from HotLeaf stand out against the dark and earthy colors of the outdoors, they actually are perceived similarly and blend in surprisingly well. That makes this "pink camo" fully functional, not just a fashion statement.

HotLeaf Camo offers a new finish to your weapons that encompasses both the enthusiasm for hunting but with a hot twist. This isn't your typical girly camo, these colors are vibrant and intense. The reds, yellows, and oranges are a clear callback to Autumn, and the start of hunting season for many. The founders of HotLeaf Camo would like to invite all Huntresses to stand together and enjoy the great outdoors alongside their male counterparts.

HotLeaf Camouflage is available for most of our GunSkins camo wraps, including kits for AR-15, Pistol, Shotgun, and more. We think HotLeaf is the perfect addition to our ever increasing list of quality camouflage and specialty patterns. Even if you're a returning customer, HotLeaf might be worth considering adding to your collection. It certainly makes a great option when shopping as a gift for the leading lady in your life!

Pistol Skins in HotLeaf Camo and More

HotLeaf Camo is a welcome addition to our top of the line selection of patterns

Pink camouflage is nothing new in the industry. HotLeaf is the next big thing and it shakes up our conventions of what we consider "pink camo". GunSkins has offered several pink camo patterns in the past, including Reaper Z Pink from Proveil Camo, Muddy Girl from Moonshine Camo, and Vista Pink from Next Camo. There's even rumor that Kryptek Camo is in the market for offering a pink camouflage pattern alongside their tactical lineup. Stay tuned for more information.

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Posted on January 11 2018


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