A Dominant Lack of Presence

Get Ready for Hunting Season with 10% Off King's Camo

Get Ready for Hunting Season with 10% Off King's Camo

Hunting Season is just around the corner, and we're partnering with King's Camo to give you the camouflage you need for the great outdoors! All GunSkins DIY camo wraps in King's Camo are 10% off for the entire month of August! GunSkins are a great way to add camouflage to your gun and match official King's Camo apparel for maximum concealment.

We offer three of their hunting patterns, including: Desert Shadow, Mountain Shadow, and Snow Shadow. When it comes to traditional camouflage, King's is proven effective in both realistic color and unique design.


King's Desert Shadow Camo

"King’s Desert Shadow features total transition from light to dark along with realistic detail in color and shadows to provide ultimate depth and clarity to blend in with the open and arid surroundings. Our flagship pattern revolutionized the camouflage industry and changed the way people thought about colors, depth and design. Desert Shadow provides a broad depth of appeal both in the field and on the shelf."


King's Mountain Shadow Camo

"King’s Mountain Shadow provides complete breakup from light to dark with realistic detail in color and shadows to provide the appearance of depth in thick forests to transitional open terrain. We set out to develop a pattern that would allow tremendous versatility going from dark to light conditions and terrain. Mountain Shadow achieves this goal in stunning detail through our choice and depth of colors and breakup."


King's Snow Shadow Camo

"Kings Snow Shadow Camo is designed with subtle contrast from light to dark with beautiful realistic detail in color and shadows that provide ultimate depth and clarity to match winter conditions and snow terrain. The power of Snow Shadow is due to the softness of the pattern created by subtle breakup. Finally a snow camo pattern that draws in the white colors but also balances out the soft breakup made by the underlying vegetation."

We're confident that you'll love having King's Camo on your favorite gun. It will protect the surface of your firearm while the pattern protects you in the field. Save 10% off your purchase and take that grin with you when you return home a champion.

*10% off MSRP for select GunSkins products in King's Camo. Limited to stock on hand. No exchanges or substitutions on sale items. Sale ends on August 31st, 2016 at midnight (PST).

That's Protection in Camouflage®

Posted on August 02 2016


  • brant: August 18, 2016

    I orderd the shotgun mountain shadow and I did everyting the guide said t do. I degreased everything and made sure everything was dry. I put the skin on the gun withought a problem. I did the final heating and it looked good…. 2 days later I take it out of the gun cabinet and its like the skin was lifting off the gun. like I said I did everything the guide said to do. what can you guys do for me? I made perfect S cuts and did everything I was supposed to do and its almost like dirt got on the skin but again there wasn’t anything on the gun & the skin. and its lifting off the gun. what can you guys do for me?

  • GunSkins: August 18, 2016

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with the installation, Brant. Can you share with us what you used to clean the gun with? We’ll take care of it with either a replacement or your money back, whichever you prefer.

  • John: August 29, 2016

    What pattern is used for the photo at the top of the page?http://www.gunskins.com/blogs/dominant-lack-of-presence/kings-camo-sale-2016

  • GunSkins: August 30, 2016

    John, the rifle shown on top is wrapped in Desert Shadow.

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