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Breast Cancer Awareness & Zombies - October Camo Specials!

Breast Cancer Awareness & Zombies - October Camo Specials!

For the month of October, we've got something special for all of you ladies and gents. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we're discounting all pink camo by 15%. At the same time, we're also celebrating Halloween by also marking 15% down all Proveil Reaper Series camouflage and Skull specialty patterns. It's a unique mix of compassion and spooks, but in the end we're just doing what we can so that his and hers firearms are looking as sharp as ever!


There's nothing wrong with a pink gun. Pink camo has long been quite popular in women's  apparel and hunting gear, and GunSkins is no different. Specific patterns that are on sale include Next Camo's Vista Pink, HotLeaf Camo, and the new Lotus camouflage from StalkLand. Not only can you make the leading lady in your life thrilled to wrap her favorite firearm, but you can also feel good knowing it didn't cost you an arm or a leg like it would have if you had chosen to finish it using an alternative method.

Pink Camouflage

Pink Camouflage is in style!

While you're at it, pick up something wicked for yourself as well. Proveil Camo makes the best skulls and zombies camouflage with Reaper Black and Reaper Z, respectively. Halloween isn't quite the same as a zombie apocalypse, but you can still get in the spirit of playing zombie slayer by wrapping your home defense shotgun or concealed handgun.

Similarly, all Skull patterns are also on sale. These make great options for magazine wraps or magwell decals. Mag Skins are a great way to customize and identify your magazines based on caliber, defensive ammunition, and capacity. With a simple glance you'll be able to grab what you need when you need it without fumbling through one magazine after another.

Reaper Series and Skulls

Don't fear the Reaper

Breast cancer is a serious matter, and we're not looking to cash in on the misfortune of others. Pink camouflage is much more than a fashion statement. You can wear it as a badge of honor if you or someone you know has been through that experience. It may not be a ribbon, but pink camo on your AR-15 rifle or pistol can be just as effective as a conversation starter as any.


No BOGO or promo code required for these sick savings. All items marked accordingly. Patterns on sale include all pink camouflage, Proveil's Reaper Series, and all Skull specialty patterns. As an added bonus, we now offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders with a domestic mailing address. Sale ends on midnight on October 31st, 2018.


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