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Don't Fear the Reaper Camo with Storewide Sale During the Month of October

Don't Fear the Reaper Camo with Storewide Sale During the Month of October

October is the month of thrills, terrors, and treats! We're celebrating all month long by offering a treat of our own. All Reaper Series Camouflage is 10% off! What better way is there to get into the Halloween mood than by wrapping your firearms and accessories with skulls and zombies?

Proveil Camo

The Reaper Series of camouflage is designed by Proveil Camo. They focus on highly detailed, multilayered, hyper realistic patterns for traditional hunting applications as well as specialty options to give your gun some attitude. When it comes to camouflage, Proveil isn't afraid to defy expectations and break traditions. Hunting is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle!

AR-10 Mag Skin in Reaper Z from Proveil Camo

Reaper Z is a great choice for a Mag Skin. Available for AR-15, AR-10, and AK-47.

The advantage to wrapping your guns and gear with Proveil's Reaper Series is gaining added protection from the vinyl wrap while making a bold statement at the same time. The Reaper Series uses skulls and death as symbols of power, position, and purpose! Whether you're hunting in the great outdoors or shooting at the range, no one is going to want to mess with you and your Reaper Camouflage!

The Reaper Series

The flagship pattern for Proveil's Reaper Series is Reaper Black. This is the definitive pattern if you're looking for the best and most seamless "skull" finish for your gun. Their follow up pattern, Reaper Z, is a great option not only for Halloween enthusiasts, but also for zombie slayers. The green color and bio-hazard symbols evoke radioactivity and hearken to popular series such as Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and The Walking Dead.

The Reaper Series from Proveil Camo

We offer four patterns in Proveil's Reaper Series, all of them worthy in their own way!

For traditionalists, the Reaper Woods and Reaper Buck camouflage patterns contain the fundamental sticks and leaves imagery one would expect from a hunting camo. However, Proveil's designs offer a unique touch that no other camouflage offers. The Reaper Woods contains skulls fading in and out of the background in a dark and smoky mist. Likewise, Reaper Buck features a similar motif, abiet with deer skulls and lighter tones. Reaper Buck is a very fitting camouflage to use if you're hunting large game.

Pistol Skin in Reaper Black from Proveil Camo

Don't miss your chance to get 10% off Reaper Camouflage!

All Reaper Series patterns on sale with a 10% price discount throughout the entire month of October. No discount or promo code required. Prices return to normal on November 1st, 2016. While supplies last. Excludes Proveil Camo's Victory and Deepfield patterns. No exchanges or substitutions on sale items.

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Posted on October 11 2016


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