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  • Grip Assist on Pistol

    Where is the Best Place to Use GunSkins Grip Assist on my Gun?

    September 17 2018

    Have you ever encountered difficulty racking the slide on your pistol? Perhaps working up a sweat at the range is creating problems with holding your firearm as securely as you'd like? What about hunting waterfowl while immersed in the murky water creating a slick surface on your shotgun?

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  • Product Feature: GunSkins Grip Assist™

    Product Feature: GunSkins Grip Assist™

    June 01 2015

    When rain, mud, moisture, and perspiration cause the surface of your weapon to become slick and slippery, it may jeopardize the safety of the weapon and the user. Grip Assist from GunSkins is the solution to a safer and more efficient shooting experience!

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  • Product Preview: Grip Assist™

    Product Preview: Grip Assist™

    November 21 2014

    GunSkins Grip Assist™ is a liquid grip additive that can be applied over GunSkins Camouflage Wraps or directly to the weapon providing a safer more efficient shooting experience. Grip Assist gives you a solid performance grip without the bulk or hassle of traditional tape.

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