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5 Reasons to Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage

5 Reasons to Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage - GunSkins
5 Reasons to Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage - GunSkins

We understand that not everyone who reads this owns a firearm or participates in the activity of outdoor hunting. But even air-soft, paintball, and pellet guns qualify for a gun skin. You don't have to be a gun enthusiast to agree that a firearm wrapped in camo is pretty cool. Which leads me to reason #1 for considering camouflage for your gun:

Shotgun Skin

Reason 1 | Turn Normal into Novelty

Even when I was a young boy I thought guns were cool. I did own some water guns and dart guns and they were awesome. Some kids like to personalize their toys with drawing and stickers. It makes my water gun stand out from the rest of the competition. I admit it was nice to show off.

Some of you may feel proud of your gun collection. My father-in-law has a nice gun cabinet with his rifles and shotguns standing in order behind clean glass. It was a collection to behold. I don't know if he ever showcases his firearms at a gun show, but I'll bet you if they were wrapped in gun skins, they'd turn heads.

AR-15 Rifle Skin 

Most guns are black, silver, wooden, or otherwise dull in color. They're made out of metal, so I can't fault the manufactures. But seeing a sunset yellow color and leafy pattern on a shotgun may hit a tender spot for duck hunters. And for those in the military (both present and past), seeing a traditional army camouflage pattern on an assault rifle may serve as a honorary reminder and present affirmation for those in the armed forces.

Wrapping a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or any other firearm turns the weapon into something unique. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary. While the family hunting rifle may serve a practical need during hunting season, it can also be turned into a nice centerpiece over the fireplace if wrapped in a rifle skin.

Reason 2 | Protection for Your Gun

There are practical reasons to consider wrapping your firearm in a gun skin, too. Gunskins are made out of high-performance vinyl. This is not your ordinary peel and stick material, but it really conforms to the shape of the gun and sticks on solid. Having a layer of material covering your gun protects it from dings and scratches. If your gun is an antique or high-dollar weapon, protecting the gun from physical damage is just common sense. Wear and tear is inevitable and happens to everything over time. Let the gun skin take the hit while keeping your gun safe and protected.

Pistol Skin 

Reason 3 | Protection for You

This is the most practical reason to wrap your gun in camouflage: protect yourself while you hunt. "Protection in Camouflage" is more than a tag line, it's the primary purpose for a gun skin. Many hunters will no-doubt wear camouflage apparel to hide their position from their prey. But a single glare from your highly reflective barrel may give your position away. The same principal applies to a solider on the battlefield. Keeping yourself hidden from sight keeps you safe.

Rifle Skin 

Gunskins offers many camouflage patterns for a variety of traditional, tactical, and hunting purposes. Whether your duck hunting at the marsh, deer hunting in the woods, or on a tactical mission in the dead of night, there is a camouflage pattern for your firearm to help conceal yourself in your environment. Every Gunskin comes with a lifetime warranty. This means your camouflage pattern is guaranteed not to fade for many hunting seasons. No need to activate, the product warranty is effective from the date of purchase.

Reason 4 | Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

Gunskins are really easy to install. These are DIY Kits (Do It Yourself). It's as simple a 1-2-3.

  1. Thoroughly clean firearm.
  2. Apply pre-cut pieces.
  3. Trim as necessary.

Most gun skins come with pre-cut pieces that fit over parts of your gun like the butt-stock or grip. For barrels and other unique shapes, there is plenty of material to cut and place as needed. The only tools you will need to help with the install is an razor knife, and a heat gun (or blow dryer).

Removing gunskins is just as easy as installing them. Simply heat the material with a heat gun or blow dryer and peel off. GunSkins will not effect the finish of the gun's surface. Nor will any residue be left behind. This means that if you miss your old gun, all you have to do is peel of the skin and your firearm will return to its original state. Or you can wrap it with a new camouflage pattern also!

Reason 5 | Makes a Great Gift

Gunskins are a great alternative to dipping or painting your firearm in camouflage. You can also save hundreds of dollars from purchasing a custom built firearm with a pattern permanently applied to the surface of the weapon. Gunskins are affordable and make a great gift for the hunter if your family. What if no one in your family hunts? There are plenty of other patterns that deserve mention such as the patriotic American Flag or popular Reaper™ series for those who are preparing for an inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Gear Skin 

One last thing. GunSkins also sells a variety of gear skins. These can be applied to pretty much everything else. Gun related accessories include: scopes, magazines, pistol grips, and more. But there are plenty of other gear that can be wrapped, such as masks, bows, binoculars, range finders, cameras and more. Basically, if you have an object with a smooth surface, you can gear skin it!

If I had to come up with another reason to recommend GunSkins, it would be that all of their products are MADE IN THE USA. If you agree with me that gun and gear skins are awesome, check out the awesome kits.

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