We've missed you! Discover some of the hot new items that we've dropped since the last time you've shopped with us. These include new patterns, templates, and even some merchandise. There's something for every gun!

Muddy Girl Serenity

A cool new take on the classic Muddy Girl camouflage. The sea glass teal tones are easy on the eyes but still strike with the same attitude as the original.

Mag Skin of the Month

Enjoy a new AR-15 Mag Skin every month by subscribing to Mag Skin of the Month. Offered monthly or 6 month pre-paid. Limited-edition design each month!

XL Gear Skin

Add a new finish to larger applications using our largest sheet available, measuring 24" x 50". Great for coolers, gun cases, vehicles accents, and more. Trim to fit!

GunSkins Patches

3" PVC patches are a great way to show your support for GunSkins and look slick at the same time. Apply it to your jacket, rifle case, backpack, and more!