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GunSkins offers products for hunters, airsoft players, and gun enthusiasts. Our DIY vinyl camo wraps are a great alternative of adding camouflage to your firearms in an easy, non-permanent method that doesn't require sending your gun anywhere. We also provide the tools that contribute to successful installations, and apparel to look great at the same time!

  • AK-47 AK-47

    GunSkins vinyl wraps offer an inexpensive and non-permanent alternative to adding camouflage to your AK-47 and related accessories, such as magazines and more. GunSkins gun wraps are available in a variety of designs, including traditional hunting, tactical, military, and specialty patterns fo...

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  • AR-15/M4 AR-15/M4

    GunSkins favorite gun is the AR-15 Rifle. We produce a variety of camo wraps for the gun and related accessories. The fundamental kit would be the AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin, with optional kits which include the Mags, Scope, Quad Rail, and Magwell.

    We also offer high capacity magazines from M...

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  • AR-15/M4 Mag Skins AR-15/M4 Mag Skins
    AR-15/M4 Mag Skins are compatible with any 30 round (.223) NATO magazines for AR-15 compatible rifles. They're easy to install vinyl wraps that can protect and camouflage your magazines for the field. We offer traditional camouflage patterns, as well as tactical options and specialty images.

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  • Gear Gear

    GunSkins gun wraps can be installed on any gun or accessory. The vinyl wrap is durable, yet flexible enough to conform to any shape when installed with heat and custom trimming. Our Gear Skin measures 8" x 50", more than enough to wrap any long gun, or several small firearms.

    The Scope...

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  • Gear Skins Gear Skins
    Gear Skins are Do-It-Yourself, high-performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to any gear, accessory, or unique firearm you want to protect and camouflage. These are perfect for any firearm that we don't have any pre-cut kit available for, including but not limited to: AR-10, Bullpups, Paintbal...

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  • Gun Skins Gun Skins
    Gun Skins produce Do-It-Yourself, high-performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to any firearm you want to protect and camouflage. We make pre-cut kits for rifles, shotguns, pistols, AR-15s, and AK-47 rifles. If we don't don't have a kit for your gun, you can always use a

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  • iPhone Accessories iPhone Accessories
    GunSkins offers official Magpul phone cases for iphone 5/5S and iphone 6. These phone cases are designed to look like Magpul AR-15 Magazines. All made in the USA. We also design Phone Skins to wrap your iphone in a variety of specialty patterns. Protect your phone and make it match your style wit...

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  • Mag Skins Mag Skins

    GunSkins Mag Skins are easy to install and offer an inexpensive and non-permanent alternative to adding camouflage and custom imagery to your magazines. Mag Skins come with pre-cut pieces that are labeled left and right side. Simply peel, stick, press, and add heat.

    Mag Skins add a pro...

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  • Pistol Pistol
    GunSkins camo wraps for your most semi-automatic, revolver type pistols! We offer full Pistol Skins to wrap your entire gun with, or just the slide, however you wish. Our Pistol Mag Skins comes in a 6-pack are are a perfect fit for most Glock fitting magazines.

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  • Products Products
    GunSkins produce DIY vinyl camouflage wrap kits that can be applied to any firearm including but not limited to: rifle, shotgun, pistol, ar-15, ak-47, scope, magazine, and other gear. We also have installation tools and equipment that bundles perfectly with any GunSkins gun wraps.

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  • Rifle Rifle
    GunSkins rifle wraps can be used to add camouflage to any hunting or tactical rifle. Choose from over 25 camouflage patterns with designs ranging from traditional hunting patterns to tactical and military camo. Bundle with the Scope Skin to ensure that your entire weapon is covered from top to bo...

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  • Tools and Equipment Tools and Equipment

    GunSkins vinyl wraps are easy to install, and with the right tools they can make your gun wrap as seamless and smooth as the pros. For every step of the installation process we have some tools you may want to consider.

    The first step of any installation requires cleaning the gun/access...

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