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GunSkins is Going Dark - Cast Your Vote for New Pattern

GunSkins is Going Dark - Cast Your Vote for New Pattern

Happy New Year! We have a lot to look forward to in 2019. We've got some new offerings on the horizon to be released in the near future, including Realtree Camo and PenCott BadLands. But we're not stopping there. We're always open to customer feedback and if there's a demand for a certain pattern, we'll do our best to make it happen!

One of the ways that we're listening to suggestions is by allowing you to participate in a poll. The theme for a new look is "dark" camouflage. There are plenty of really sweet options for dark camo, so we want to hear from you. Cast your vote on your favorite(s)!

Some of the options available to vote on include variations of patterns that we already offer as well as some completely new looks! The options include: BattleWorn Burnt Ash, Military OCP Black, PenCott Metropolis, and Damascus Steel. You can vote for more than one!

Pistol Skin (Damascus Steel)

Damascus Steel has been a recent request. Yay or nay?

BattleWorn Burnt Ash takes the tried and true look of our other BattleWorn options, but it's set against a dark gray background. This will give your gun the popular distressed look as if you were fresh from the field of battle. It's a great option since GunSkins are non-permanent. No need to scratch or etch the surface of your gun yourself!

Military OCP Black is a dark variation of the original. There is an interest for members of law enforcement to wear dark camouflage, and this is an excellent choice. It's recognizable pattern gives the impression and authority of the US Military, but in a domestic application. The original black variant carries green tones, but we similarly found the grayscale version to be a great candidate.

PenCott has been offering quality digital camouflage for a long time. They recently released a few new colors, including MetroPolis. This one brings a dry, arid color that is cool and single-toned. MetroPolis was the fruit of five years of development, perfect for low-light operations. There is also a grayscale version for your consideration.

Damascus Steel is a very unique and ancient look, made popular from the forged steel from the Near East and India. The pattern is characterized by the swirl of metal, akin to flowing water. Blades made from Damascus Steel were known for being durable and resistant to shattering.

Dark Camo Options

There are a total of six options to choose from.

You can vote by leaving a comment with the letter(s) of your choices. Alternatively, you may also use our poll below. Let us know what you think! As nice as it would be to offer them all, we'd rather offer only the best of the best. That's why your feedback is so important to us. Vote today and let your voice be heard!

Choose a Pattern
BattleWorn Burnt Ash
Military OCP Black
Military OCP Black Grayscale
Damascus Steel
PenCott MetroPolis
PenCott MetroPolis Grayscale


  • Eric Floyd: August 22, 2020

    Very interested.

  • Kevin : January 20, 2019

    Article for GunSkins: So I knew what I liked and what thoughts I had personally On that note personally I would have to say °HELL YES° “RGR THAT” GO DARK with the COLORS. I wanted to take an Off the Cuff [None fixed Pole]..Teason being simple is… IT’S not just about me so I did what any in our House would do.. Ask the Team.. In our Community right before we leave for a Mission most of our Team’s well I’m sure most, “UNITS” will say “Ok Gent’s let’s. ~”GO DARK"~ … So in this process, I began the Humble task of getting the opinions of my fellow teammates & the other (Team’s) in my unit, as well as other Small units teams (🐸’s) or OGA/SELECT Folks we work & or do consist training with. "
    ~ “It Started in my team room” ~
    This was what I asked; If you could have any choice of these colors on this site “GunSkins” FOR YOUR PERSONAL WEAPONS ONLY ON THESE COLORS HERE … (FROM THE. [A-B-C-D-E-F] ~ As these numbers here: Or (1) ONE~(SIX) (6) From .Your Web Page . What of the The Dark Skins color in this list ONLY on (GUNSKINS PAGE) 6 of 7 of my Teammates all picked the same NO_BS picked EXACTLY. As follows~
    ~ #1 – “BattleWorn Burnt Ash & ~ #2 – Military OCP Black Grayscale” ~ from the colors from you placed. “I ALSO VOTED THE SAME” Other’s that I asked approximately 93% of.the *100· MARSOC & TEAM -GUYS. Said the same 2 Colors would be what they would pick. As for the other 7% of Operators asked it truly was all over the board but after the the full count #3 was the “PenCott MetroPolis Grayscale” Was 3rd overall. So “Gentlemen & Ladies,” Do it go dark I know I would get more then a few. Put on a few set of Specific WPNS Systems in my “Cage” I use “VERY SELECTIVE WEAPONS” Based on our mission Set’s as required…
    ~I hope this helps even by a single %


    Kevin Archangel B.

  • cptpoly: January 05, 2019

    I like the metropolis as it replicates the terrain near me.

  • Kelly Deboard: January 03, 2019


  • Brett Luptowski: January 03, 2019

    I really like the ocp dark gray scale and also the Damascus. Have a couple of Pistols that this would definitely make look awesome.

  • Rick: January 03, 2019

    I find your presentation confusing.
    Makes it hard to make an accurate choice.

  • Doug: January 02, 2019

    My next AR is going to look great in the Damascus !!!

  • Brian Elliott: January 02, 2019
    I have a naked AR that would great in that OCP Black Grayscale.
  • BigAl45LC: January 02, 2019

    Wow, the number voting for dark colors is high.
    Hell, just leave your black Rifle black.

  • James Stuart: January 02, 2019

    Would like to see black and white American flag

  • William edwards: January 02, 2019

    I’d like to see the military camo .

  • Hector Garza : January 02, 2019

    Love the new patterns.

  • James Brian Morgan: January 02, 2019

    Are they available to purchase.

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