GunSkins DIY Camo Vinyl Wraps for AR-15, AK-47, Mags, Rifles, Pistols

Welcome to GunSkins GunSkins DIY Camo Vinyl Wraps for AR-15, AK-47, Mags, Rifles, Pistols

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    Every month a new and unique AR-15 mag skin will arrive at your doorstep. These mag skins are only available to subscribers. Join in on the fun!

  • HAND CANNONS GO pew pew!

    Break the 4th wall and put in some maximum effort while you're at it with new hand cannon skins! Must love chimichangas!

  • Glock Skins

    Pre-cut Pistol Skins now available for the Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 45. Quick and easy installation plus 6 matching mag skins included!

  • Ruger Precision

    Brand new template with pre-cut pieces for the Ruger Precision, a fan favorite high caliber long-distance rifle with an iconic frame design.


GunSkins offers a solution for firearm and gear concealment that is easy to install and remove. Our premium vinyl wraps are DIY kits that add a layer of protection to your gun as well as the benefits of camouflage. Officially licensed patterns ensure that your gun will match the rest of your gear and apparel. Hunters, special ops personnel, and gun enthusiasts alike will appreciate the variety of camouflage to choose from, knowing that at any moment they can remove the wrap and switch patterns on the fly as needed.