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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $20 to the USA!

AR-10 Mag Skin

Premium Vinyl Wrap
GS America
GS America Grey
GS Molon Labe Black
GS Molon Labe Tan
GS Skull
GS Skull America
GS Skull Black
GS Skull Tan
Proveil Reaper Black
Proveil Reaper Z
Proveil Victory
Proveil Victory Grey



Product Info

For the heavy hitters like the AR-10, you take the saying "walk tall and carry a big stick" quite literally. The GunSkins AR-10 Mag Skin allows you to customize your AR magazine and stand out from the rest of us. You can wrap a mag in a matter of minutes and remove it just as fast with no residue left behind.

Designed for a single 20 or 25 round 7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Remington) magazine. GunSkins are 100% waterproof, non-reflective, and made in the USA. Be proud and swing for the fences!

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