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Camo Spotlight: Mandrake™ by Kryptek Outdoor Group

Camo Spotlight: Mandrake™ by Kryptek Outdoor Group - GunSkins
Camo Spotlight: Mandrake™ by Kryptek Outdoor Group - GunSkins

Our Camo Spotlight is a series of articles that highlight one camouflage pattern at a time and dives into what makes it an effective concealment option, as well as a great choice for a GunSkins vinyl wrap. This time we're going to be focusing on tactical camouflage from one of the leading brands on the market today: Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Mandrake™ is the name of Kryptek's woodland designated pattern, which contains strong saturated colors to match lush, tropical environments. When compared to the entire line from Kryptek Camo, Mandrake stands out as having the boldest color and striking appearance. Regardless of application, Mandrake is a camouflage pattern worthy of consideration.

Camouflage Forged in Combat

Kryptek Camo's mission is to provide field-tested camouflage to civilians that contain all of the strengths found in tactical military gear. They have developed almost a dozen patterns with the goal of tailoring each to a specific environment in order to maximize concealment and protection. From the high desert to the deep jungle and even the frozen tundra or underwater depths, Kryptek's unique designs will match any harsh landscape this planet has to offer.

Kryptek Camo

Founding members, Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn, recall their time in the military and wanted to share the effectiveness of high-end military camouflage for non-military applications. Kryptek camouflage is tested for any outdoor occasion and offers combat-proven concealment to traditional hunters, competitive airsoft players, and any other outdoors enthusiast.

Shotgun in Mandrake

Shotgun Skin featuring Kryptek Mandrake Camo.

Technical Camouflage for Any Occasion

All of Kryptek camouflage share common imagery of organic hexagonal "snake scale" shapes throughout the entire pattern. In addition to the intricately woven design, there is also a sense of depth from the background transitional shading. This bi-layering effect creates effective concealment for both up close proximity and distant encounters. Another advantage to the artwork is that the sharp random geometrical design will allow effective concealment independent of orientation. There is no "up" or "down" to concern yourself with when in the field.

Kryptek has this to say about the Mandrake™ Camouflage:

"Only the strong survive beneath the canopy where the shadows deepen and the surroundings are dense. Kryptek Mandrake™ is designed for those regions where success or survival depends on your ability to become one with your domain."


Rifle Skin in Mandrake

Tactical camouflage can work just as effectively as traditional hunting camo.

One of the reasons that Mandrake is so popular is because it utilizes colors that have proven to work with traditional hunting camouflage and implements it for a tactical advantage. The typical North American hunting environment consists of wooded areas where green and brown are dominant. Mandrake not only contains the right colors, but the variation in shades and hues also allow for pattern to offer the same level of concealment regardless if the user is bathed in sunlight or deep in shadow. 

GunSkins Approved

Mandrake looks great when used to wrap any gun. We've wrapped our Springfield XD 9 Pistol, Mossberg 500 Shotgun, and AR-15 Rifle to name a few. As a matter of fact, we haven't found any gun that didn't look sweet with a Mandrake camo wrap. Even if someone hasn't enlisted in the armed forces, it's nice to know they can show off their guns and gear with the best tactical camo on the market.

Kryptek Camouflage had humble beginnings in offering an alternative camouflage to the hunting market back in 2011. They quickly gained in popularity and in 2012 were even nominated to become the new official camouflage for the US Military. There's no doubt that if you choose Kryptek Camo, whether Mandrake or other pattern, you will be covered with camouflage that has the same tactical advantage as the pros.

Pistol Skin in Mandrake Camouflage

Turn heads at the gun range with a Mandrake Pistol Skin.


  • Robert Levan : July 28, 2023
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    I really like the mandrake camo for my 6.5 but I literally see no place to buy it now or add to cart. Having serious issues with your website

  • Aaron Brentzel : March 05, 2019
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    Need several guns done please call 724-640-6624

  • GunSkins: July 09, 2018
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    Jonathan, at this time I don’t believe Kryptek is offering a pattern with the colors you are looking for.

  • Jonathan Lawrence: July 09, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I really like this design. I am currently building an AR15 for my wife and was curious is it would be possible to get the Kryptek design in deep and bright purple shades(not Barney purple)? Purple is the color the wants her AR to be. And all I am finding is solid purples. My wife is super smart, beautiful and amazing. I want to show her that she is special to me and get her a unique design on her rifle. Also do you install the skin on the rifle?

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