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Bow Hunt with Concealment and Confidence

Bow Hunt with Concealment and Confidence - GunSkins
Bow Hunt with Concealment and Confidence - GunSkins

Hunting Season is here and many of you can't wait to grab your gun and your gear and head for the woods. When you imagine bringing home the kill this year, you hope that this season will be better than last year. Maybe this is your first time and you'll be happy with anything at all. Either way, we wish all of you hunters the best this season.

Sometimes, however, getting the perfect shot doesn't happen by luck, but by preparation and patience. After all, isn't that the name of the game? This is especially true for bow hunters. Having a firearm, tripod, and scope allows for long distance shots, although some skilled archers can hit their target at 400 yards away, the ideal range is somewhere between 20-50 yards. At that distance, it's just as much about patience at it is about precision.

When you're in the woods with a bow and arrow, your primary advantage over your prey isn't how much firepower you can carry, but rather, the element of surprise. Complete concealment can make the difference between making the shot or going home empty handed. Bow hunters rely on staying out of sight and waiting for their prey to come to them. 

Bow Hunting with GunSkins

Wait for the opportune moment, and give it your best shot!

If your bow is not concealed in camouflage, there could be a chance your position may be given away.  If the sunlight hits your weapon and causes a shine, you've been pretty much spotted. When surrounded by trees, brush, and leaves, where there is nothing naturally occurring that is reflective, having a metallic or plastic bow can stick out like a sore thumb. Once seen your chances of catching your prey are slim to none.

Bow makers take this into consideration and some of them sell their equipment with camouflage painted on. However, if your bow is not currently ready for concealment, then we have a solution for you! Our Gear Skin Camouflage Kits are perfect for all bows, binoculars, rangefinders, and any other gear necessary for a good hunt.

Our Large Gear Skin measure 8" x 50", which is plenty of material to wrap a number of items in a single kit. There are quite a few hunting patterns that are worth considering, such as Realtree, TrueTimber, and Kings Camo.

One of the nice features of our gear skins includes non-reflective finish. Even if the camouflage pattern used to wrap your bow doesn't contain "sticks and leaves", the vinyl material will still help with concealment when the sun hits the surface of your weapon. Your bow is protected by the Gear Skin, and it protects you from being spotted. Make complete concealment a part of your hunting equipment, right alongside patience and accuracy. Good luck hunting!


  • GunSkins: July 18, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    Thanks for the suggestion Andrew. We’ll look into Sitka Camo and see if they are interested in partnering with us.

  • Andrew: July 17, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    Hi, I recently put on the flag skin on my rifle, it looks great and I am super impressed with it, I will be doing 2 pistols, a shotgun and an AR now. I was kinda wondering if you guys will ever or have plans of pursuing Sitka camo. I would like to get my shotgun and bow wrapped in Sitka camo patterns

  • GunSkins: January 12, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    We suggest using our universal “trim to fit” Large Gear Skin for your Matthews VXR bow.

  • Charles ormsbee: January 12, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have skins for Mathews VXR bow?

    I just bought skins for my gun and love them

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