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Camo Spotlight: Molon Labe

Camo Spotlight: Molon Labe - GunSkins
Camo Spotlight: Molon Labe - GunSkins

Molon Labe is a Greek phrase that translates to "Come and Get Them". This quote is made clear when put in context. Long ago (480 BC), Greece was being invaded by Persia and the conquerors demanded the Greeks surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. King of the Spartan army, Leonidas, responded with "Molon Labe" - come and take them.

King Leonidas shouts Molon Labe in the movie, 300

In recent years, this historic event has been adapted into a full length feature film titled "300". The film depicts the infamous last stand of the Spartan Army against King Xerxes of Persia. King Leonidas and his small army of 300 soldiers held the city of Thermopylae for three days. Despite having lost the battle, the spirit of Molon Labe was never defeated. Rather than give in to tyranny, Sparta chose to stand their ground and fight, even to the last breath.

This famous laconic phrase has become a classical expression of defiance. In modern day usage, Molon Labe has been voiced by pro Second Amendment activists as a defense of the right to keep and bear arms. Proudly displaying Molon Labe symbolizes that the wearer is a strong believer in these rights and will not surrender their firearms to anyone, especially to governmental authority.

2nd Admendment

The Battle of Thermopylae may appear to have been a defeat for Greece, but only for a moment. In hindsight, the Spartans inspired the other Greek nations to rise up and follow their brothers in battle, adopting the spirit of Molon Labe and defeating the Persian army. It could be hypothesized that had Spartan given in to the demands of King Xerxes, all of Greece would have fallen. Through their sacrifice, like the sacrifice of our own service members, a nation was able to live in freedom.

American Molon Labe

To celebrate King Leonidas and the 2nd Amendment, we offer a specialty Molon Labe Mag Skin designed for 30 round P-Mags found on AR-15 Rifles and M4/M16 Carbines. The imagery for these skins feature Spartan Helmets and the engraved Latin phrase, Molon Labe. These Mag Skins were the winner of our Molon Labe Mag Skin Vote. We've seen great response from these one-of-a-kind mag wraps.

We at GunSkins firmly believe in the right to bear arms. We are hunters, collectors, sportsmen, veterans, and gun enthusiasts. And we, like King Leonidas, will not surrender our firearms without a fight. Proudly wear a Molon Labe Mag Skin as a badge of honor.

"Come and Take It!"

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