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Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage | Turn Normal into Novelty

Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage | Turn Normal into Novelty - GunSkins
Wrap Your Gun in Camouflage | Turn Normal into Novelty - GunSkins

Proud to Bear Arms

AR-15 Skin

Those of you who hunt, shoot for sport, or are gun enthusiasts like us, it's no secret that guns and gun-related accessories make for great conversation starters and topics to discuss with friends and family. You may have heard some of the following lines in conversation:

"Do you still have your grandfather's old hunting rifle?"

"Check out the new tactical buttstock for my AR-15..."

"I got my wife a new concealment handgun. She loves it!"

But how many times have you heard anyone say something along the lines of:

"Have you seen my new gun skin? My rifle looks way better!"

Most guns are black, silver, wooden, or otherwise dull in color. They're made to shoot, so color has never really been high on the list of important features. But consider this: Would a sunset yellow color and leafy pattern on a shotgun help or hinder duck hunters hiding in the grasslands? How would a traditional army camouflage pattern on an assault rifle serve as a honorary reminder and present affirmation for those in the armed forces?

It may be true that beauty is only skin deep, but then it comes to camouflage, it's all about skin. It's about time that camouflage and guns come together in perfect union. It's about time to consider gun skins.

What is a Gun Skin?

Key Features

  • Removable and has no effect on finish
  • Easy to install high-performance vinyl
  • Waterproof non-reflective matte finish
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Pre-cut pieces
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

Gun skins are firearm wraps. They're made of high-performance vinyl. They're adhesive like a sticker. Installing a gun skin is as simple as peeling it off and sticking it on (more on that below). Gun skins serve multiple purposes.

First, they protect the gun.

Gun skins add a protective layer that helps keep the surface of your firearm from getting scratched, dinged, bumped, or otherwise tarnished. The adhesive vinyl is very high quality and not easily ripped. On top of that, there is no effect on the surface of your gun. Zero residue.

Secondly, the protect you.

For hunters and those in the military, good camouflage can be the matter of life or death. Camouflage gear and apparel have been around for a while. Now it's possible to match your firearm so your gun doesn't give away your position. GunSkins offers both hunting and tactical camouflage patterns to keep you protected.

Camouflage Patterns Available at GunSkins

A-Tacs AU™ Reaper Black™ Vista™
A-Tacs FG™ Reaper Z™ Vista™ Pink
A-Tacs LE™ Reaper Z™ Pink Snowstorm
Desert Marpat Reaper Woods™ Lost™
Digital Woodland Reaper Buck™ Lost AT™
Vietnam Tiger Stripe Waterfowl™

Skin It, Don't Dip It

Now You See it, Now You Don't.

"There's more than one way to skin a gun."

Aftermarket gun dipping (also called water transfer painting) has been the primary way to camo a gun. Not only is dipping expensive, it's also permanent. Another option is to have your gun custom built with a camouflage design on the surface. But again, it's not economical. What if your rifle bore a leafy pattern and it snows in hunting season? The camouflage no longer works.

One of the features of applying a gun skin instead is that they are easily removable, and another pattern can be applied to match the change in season. Did I forget to mention that gun skins are much less expensive? All gun skins are priced at less than $50 each. That's less than a quarter of the cost to have your gun dipped. And gun skins look just as good as any dipped gun.

How to Install

Installing a gun skin is easy and requires a few tools, such as a razor cutting knife and a heat gun (or blow dryer works too). Although it's a simple process, it does take time. Rushing an install can lead to mediocre results.

First, we recommend de-greasing the gun. This allows for the gun skin to bond with the surface well. It's common for dirt and grease to settle in the crevasses of the gun. Clean thoroughly.

Second, peel off the pre-cut pieces, or trim a piece large enough to cover the desired area. We recommend applying the skin to the firearm in pieces, not all at once like a blanket. Use heat to help stretch the material to conform around corners and tight areas.

Third, trim off any excess material with the knife. Chances are, your gun may be unique and the kit template may be off in size. Any extra material hanging loose should be trimmed and overlapped to crease a seamless look.

Use the heat gun to set the material in place. Press firmly with your hands. This last step is very important as it secures the bond between the gun and the wrap.

And that's it.

Show it Off

Show off your sweet GunSkin

Wrapping a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or any other firearm turns the weapon into something unique. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary. While the family hunting rifle may serve a practical need during hunting season, it can also be turned into a nice centerpiece over the fireplace. If there's anyone in your family who is a gun enthusiast, they would absolutely love to have a gun skin as a gift.

Gun skins protect the gun, protect the owner, and look fantastic all at the same time.


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