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The Story Behind GunSkins

The Story Behind GunSkins - GunSkins
The Story Behind GunSkins - GunSkins

Every business starts somewhere. Usually, there's a demand in the market and someone steps up to meet that need. Though a demand does exist, the idea to camouflage firearms was born out of an experience. It's a story that might be very familiar if you have ever found yourself in a situation where complete concealment was vital.

The Story

I settled into the dense mixture of sage and timber at the base of a rocky bluff.  It was just before sunrise on a frigid January morning--my first set up of the year.  My call and decoy were in place.  As the sun crested the bluff behind me, I saw the flash of a coyote cutting through the sage about 600 yards out. He was coming fast to what he believed to be an easy breakfast.  I had other plans. He was locked onto my decoy, and it was all but done in my mind. He hit the skids at about 400 yards and turned his head and attention to me. I aimed my semi-automatic, lead-slingin’ dog destroyer in his direction just in time to see a blur of fur headed up and out. He was gone! I was camo head-to-toe, well concealed and in perfect position. Well mostly, my AR-15 featured a stainless barrel and scope, great for durability but not so much for conceal ability.

Total Concealment

The Origin of the Concept

Blending into EnvironmentThis is where it all began--the desire to create a product that would provide an economical and versatile concealment solution as well as take the abuse that comes from day-to-day use. I don't have the privilege to say that our product is the first vinyl based solution. However, the type of vinyl we use sets us apart because of the application: guns and gear. The material is extremely flexible and is ideal for small curves, edges, recessed corners, and other details. Our kits were all designed from the ground up, specifically tailored for popular firearms. For example. we're the first to offer pre-cut kits for AR-15 Rifles. I want to make it easy for our customers to camouflage their weapon. That's why we design pre-cut pieces whenever we can, to make installation as smooth as possible.

Like many other small businesses, we too started in a garage. I'm not ashamed of our small town roots, and I know it has helped shaped the way we interact with our audience. Each and every customer is like a neighbor down the road. We listen to suggestions and strive to make doing business hassle-free. Since our company launched in 2013, we have moved out of the garage to print, produce, and warehouse all of our kits on a large scale. And every GunSkins kit is still proudly made in the USA.

The Solution

It's important to me that anything we design and sell needs to be of the highest quality. The secret behind our high-performance vinyl is that they are durable, conform easily, and waterproof. The skins can even be removed or layered to allow for adaptation to different environments. I believe in our product so much, I decided to offer a 5 year guarantee for every kit.

Complete concealment is only as good as the camouflage you use. That's why we offer over 30 officially licensed patterns and 7 different weapons templates. I want to provide customers with the best solution to their concealment needs. Not only that, but we desire to provide outstanding customer service and a positive experience with our product.

Camouflage Wrapped Firearm

I designed gunskins with the end user in mind. When developing our kits I would ask myself first, "Is this something I would use?". And the truth is that the majority of the firearms in my personal gun cabinet are all wrapped in GunSkins camouflage. Having wrapped my guns many times over with these do-it-yourself kits hasn't phased me at all. I found they can easily be installed in less than 2 hours. The alternative would require down time waiting for a gun to ship out to have a coating applied or watching paint dry. No thank you.

I'm encouraged by the reception I've seen to our products. I absolutely love having my guns wrapped in my favorite camouflage patterns. I know others will feel the same. The next time I go hunting, there's no way my rifle will give my position away again. I'll have the upper hand for sure.

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  • Richard: July 23, 2014
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    I love Gunskins.they went the extra mile and more to help me!

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