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GunSkins has been leading the DIY camouflage wrap movement since 2013. Easy to install pre-cut vinyl templates, GunSkins are an affordable aftermarket finish for your guns and gear. Our customers are highly satisfied with both our products and our service, with thousands of 5-Star reviews from verified purchases. No other brand matches GunSkins in quality or variety of patterns to choose from.

"I owned a gun finishing company 6 years ago called Thunderbolt Gunworks. My company used Cerakote, DuraCoat and GunSkins. I myself did 100% of the finishes. I found nothing more easy and less invasive to put on the gun and will use nothing else on my personal weapons. I made the mistake doing 2 of my personal weapons , 1 with Cerakote, 1 with DuraCoat if I want to change the finish I have to completely sandblast the weapon and start over again. Sucks! I’ll stick with GunSkins, I can change my finish with the seasons anytime I want."

~ Philip Craig

Owner of Thunderbolt Gunworks and dealer for GunSkins.


"GunSkins solve a lot of finish related issues. First, they protect gun finishes. If you install a GunSkins on a brand new weapon, the finish will be as new when you peel the Skins off. Second, they are the perfect solution for people wanting to camouflage their guns without impacting their value. Third, they are wonderful for people who change their minds about camouflage or like to add accessories."

~ Enola Gay

Author of the Paratus Familia Blog


"Voted #1 New Product of the Year at the 2017 NSSF SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada."

~ Shot Show

Ranked #1 from the top five most viewed items from the New Product Center.


"This is a simple and easy way to add a little flair to your gun. I can attest that the magazine wraps worked as advertised. If something goes wrong there is a lifetime warranty against defects and I think that’s a brave stance for a company to take for an aesthetic upgrade. They aren’t for everyone, but they are for me."

~ Travis Pike

Author of The Loadout Room.