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Muddy Girl Camo

Muddy Girl ® Camo believes in camouflage being more than concealment. They stand firm on the position that camouflage can also be used to make a such a statement as "I'm an outdoorsman/woman!". Now more than ever we're seeing an increase in women interested in camouflage alongside men. Wearing camouflage has transformed into a new way of showing pride and love for the great outdoors!

Muddy Girl offers an amazing camouflage pattern designed to "mimic extreme hunting environments, while also expressing a bold cultural style."

This camouflage goes far beyond the single shade of pink that us commonly seen with most lady's patterns. Many vivid shades of both pink and purple are combined with bold neutral colors, to create a sharp camouflage that has eye appeal to anyone who has a love for the outdoors.