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Gear Skin Sheets

Looking to wrap out your AR-10, AICS 338 Lapua, MP5, ammo box, binoculars, sunglasses, laptop computer, cell phone, water bottle, cooler, tree stand, UTV, ATV, etc? Gear Skins are the answer to this question. There is no end to the shapes and sizes of weapons and accessories on the market today.

Gear Skins provide bulk sheet material that can be trimmed to fit literally anything you want to protect and camouflage. Gear Skins come in three sizes, 8" x 15", 8" x 50", and  24" x 50" to give you the best fit for your project size.

the applications are endless

for the stylish shooter

You can continue to rock your favorite sunglasses but with a twist. Medium Gear Skins are perfect for adding some color to your small apparel items and accessories.

customizable as needed

Cell phones are upgraded annual these days but a single Medium Gear Skin comes with enough material to wrap case after case as needed.

add camo to everything

Outdoor enthusiaists frown upon the standard issue equipment. Don't settle for the factory finish when you can add camo to your ammo box, water bottle, cooler, etc.

indoor use approved

Transform your personal devices including laptop computers, tablets, game consoles, controllers, and more. Indoor equipment with the look of the great outdoors.