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Product Feature: GunSkins Grip Assist™

Product Feature: GunSkins Grip Assist™ - GunSkins
Product Feature: GunSkins Grip Assist™ - GunSkins

Grip Assist from GunSkins is here and it's the solution to a safer and more efficient shooting experience! When rain, mud, moisture, and perspiration cause the surface of your weapon to become slick and slippery, it may jeopardize the safety of the weapon and the user. This not only applies to firearms, but any equipment that is held by hand and needs good grip, including but not limited to: hammers, power tools, handles, work table surfaces. gloves, and more.

If you need to hold it firmly with your hands, Grip Assist has you covered.

It's a very simple procedure to apply additional grip to any surface, such as vinyl, metal, plastic, and wood. This two-part application process takes 5 minutes to apply and 40 minutes to dry. The first part involves using the liquid spray bottle (with optional brush) to apply the clear liquid on the surface. Next, use the grip bottle like a salt shaker to sprinkle the clear recycled glass grip material on top of the wet surface. You can apply as much or as little grip as you need. After the grip has been applied, it's recommended to spray the liquid one last time to seal the grip in place.

Grip Assist on Mag Skin

Grip Assist goes on clear, so you can still see the camouflage pattern from a GunSkins Gun Wrap

Grip Additive Where You Want It!

So, whether you need to patch up a few bare spots on a pump action of a shotgun or grip the entire slide action of a pistol, Grip Assist works well on all firearms. Can be applied to pre-gripped surfaces too such as pistol grips and magazines.

The applicator brush is useful when applying grip to small controlled areas. We found that it's great to apply grip to the bottom and sides of mags, just right where the fingers curl around and need grab. Simply spray the brush until moist, and then stroke on the surface. A light even coat is all that is required. If too much liquid is applied, it can build up. We recommend either using the dry side of the brush to soak up extra liquid, or it can be wiped off with a cloth. Any area that is covered with the liquid will retain any grip that is added. Therefore, make sure you add the liquid only to the areas you want to grip.

Installation Video

Grip Assist is a permanent grip additive. Once its on, there's no going back without permanently altering your surface with either sanding or blasting. If you do not wish to apply Grip Assist directly to your gun, we recommend wrapping your gun first with a GunSkins Camouflage Wrap and then adding grip on top of the vinyl material. When you remove the skin, the grip comes off too. This will leave your gun as it was without any permanent effect.

Grip Assist comes in a variety of options, including:

Grip Assist Package
  • Clear
  • Clear/Black
  • Clear/Tan
  • Clear/Green

All options contain the standard clear liquid and grip material. We also provide optional paint which can be used to add color to the grip after it's been set. This would be beneficial to the equipment you add grip directly to and you want to match the color of the original surface. Although Grip Assist lays on clear, there is a noticeable discoloration created from the tiny shards of the grip. The gripped area will look lighter and have a glossy appearance. When gripping  black handgun or magazine, the black paint does a great job of matching the color of the item so it blends in well. Tan and green is also available for tactical/military applications where those colors are common.

Grip Assist on Black Handgun Grip

By painting black over top the Grip Assist, the texture will match the color of this handgun

The need for reliable grip is important and Grip Assist will provide just that. It's so simple to use and works on any surface. We found it to be most useful for shooting applications, but it is open for anything you need grip for. Your imagination is the only limit. With Grip Assist, it's not about aesthetic texture appearance, it's all about safety and efficient user experience with whatever piece of equipment you need to hold firmly with your hands.


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