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5 Tips When Buying Quality Hunting Gear & Clothing In 2022

5 Tips When Buying Quality Hunting Gear & Clothing In 2022 - GunSkins
5 Tips When Buying Quality Hunting Gear & Clothing In 2022 - GunSkins

If you are off on a hunting trip this season, you need to know what to take with you. Upgrade your gear or start off solid with these top tips.

Hunting is exciting. We live for the rush of adrenalin as we spot a new target. We love the exciting energy we feel when we take the shot – and we all hate to miss. Going out into the wilderness unprepared is about the stupidest thing that any hunter can do. Whether it is your first-time hunting or your tenth time hunting, you need to be prepared. No amount of experience will save your life in sub-zero temperatures if you get into trouble out there.

Here are the 5 best tips for buying hunting gear and clothing in 2022. Listen carefully. It might just save your life.

The 5 Best Tips for Buying Quality Hunting Gear in 2022

Want to try your hand at hunting during the 2022 season? Here are five things to consider before you spend all your cash on faulty gear.

1 – High Quality is Always Best

High quality hunting gear will aid you in every situation. It will always perform the task you need it to perform, to the best of its ability. High quality gear lasts longer and keeps you safer. If you are looking for high end hunting clothing, consider that the price reflects the quality and durability of the item. You may end up paying a little more for it, but it is worth it for the reassurance that you can count on that gear when you are out in the elements and the hunt has gone against you. We pay extra for good quality gear because we can depend on it to be lifesaving. Not all gear carries that same mark of distinction. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to outdoor survival.

2 – Layer it up

All hunting gear can layer up with each other. It’s common practice to start with a base layer, add a few mid-layers, and then some waterproof outer shells. Even in summer or in hot hunts, you ought to layer up. A Merino wool base layer is cozy beside your skin, moisture wicking, and absorbent. It can go days without producing an odor and it doesn’t tear or snag over time. Think about mesh and clips, too. The less you must carry, the easier it is to keep your hands free to shoot with.

3 – Buy Off-Season

Hunting gear is expensive, we know that. It can cost you a lot of cash if you want to fully outfit yourself from top to toe. Rather than splurge your life savings on new hunting gear, wait until off-season to buy what you need. Buy early or late, check places like Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List, and ask old hunting buddies for spare gear you can borrow. It’s far better to save and buy a few key quality pieces over time, than it is to try and outfit your entire hunting pack and look from day one.

4 – Giveaways

There are a few ways that your gear can give your position away. First, your smell. If you smell badly, the animals will scent you. Merino wool base layers can help, but you may want scent sprays, too. Your clothing rustling, like a polyester jacket, can give away your position. You might also give away your location through bright, bold, or block colors which the animals can spot.

5 – Think about Camo

You can spray yourself to avoid your scent building up and you can buy a waxed or softshell jacket, but what can you do about block color? You can consider camouflage. Break up your body in the prey’s eyes by using camo designed for that terrain and that season. Make sure you get it right. A bad camo is just the same as hunting in your denims.


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