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Take Your Concealment to the Extreme with New A-TACS iX Camouflage

Take Your Concealment to the Extreme with New A-TACS iX Camouflage - GunSkins
Take Your Concealment to the Extreme with New A-TACS iX Camouflage - GunSkins

Digital Concealment Systems has challenged itself by developing a new generation of camouflage patterns for Advanced Tactical Concealment Systems (A-TACS). They've already paved the way with their revolutionary organic "digital" camouflage designs as seen in the arid A-TACS AU, the lush A-TACS FG, and A-TACS LE for law enforcement. DCS used what was great with their first generation camo and took it to the next level with the new "X" series of camouflage, starting with A-TACS iX.

Extreme Camo for Intermediate Environments

A-TACS iX Concept Art Design

The new A-TACS iX Camo is a perfect blend of colors from A-TACS AU and FG, making this single pattern the "go to" choice for transitional environments. This gives the user the largest range of concealment without the need to switch out entire camo patterns or compromise effectiveness. For users already sporting the original AU and FG patterns, adding A-TACS iX seamlessly blends with existing gear, allowing them to equip the new pattern without loss of compatibility.

In addition to containing proven colors and camouflage design technology, A-TACS iX adds a new layer of depth and definition by enhancing edge detail in the transitional areas of light and dark. The patented "pattern within a pattern" design of A-TACS Camo gives the user the same concealment advantage up close as it does at a distance.

Setting a High Bar for Camouflage

AR-15 & Tactical Gear with A-TACS iX Camo

A-TACS iX matches well with existing A-TACS AU & FG Gear and apparel.

A-TACS iX in vinyl form is currently available as GunSkins camo wraps for your AR-15, shotgun, pistol, and more! When equipped with matching apparel, there's certainly no denying the benefits of hiding in plain sight. A-TACS iX specific uniforms and gear are currently available from producers such as TRU-SPEC, UR-TACTICAL, WISPORT, and TACTICAL PERFORMANCE, INC.

We've given the new iX pattern the official GunSkins seal of approval. We can vouch for the practical application of using this new pattern during one of our recent hunting expeditions. The tones matched perfectly to our ghillie suit. We hunt in the Great Northwest, which is home to a variety of scenery including dry grass, sage brush, and evergreens all year long. This combination of median greens and desert tans makes tactical A-TACS iX a great choice as a hunting camouflage.

With A-TACS iX leading a new generation of camouflage, A-TACS is looking to update their original AU and FG patterns with the same treatment. In addition to the snow specific "ATX" pattern, the entire line of A-TACS "X" series of camouflage will offer a complete multi-environmental concealment solution. As with A-TACS iX, we'll thoroughly test and evaluate the new entries when they are released in the coming years.

Hunting with A-TACS iX

Although A-TACS iX is a tactical pattern, there's no denying the effectiveness of wearing it while hunting.

Final Thoughts

We don't believe in a single "end all" camouflage that magically trumps all other patterns in effectiveness and popularity. However, it wouldn't surprise us if more and more of our guns are given the iX treatment throughout year. We're excited for DCS Camo's new "iX" camo as it makes its way from being the new kid on the block to standing alongside the tried and true giants such as Military OCP and Kryptek's Highlander.

DCS Camo won us over with the original A-TACS Camo years ago. It's refreshing to see them continue to push the boundaries and bring something new to the market. As tactical camouflage becomes more popular, even making its way into the hunting scene, it's relieving to see something fresh like A-TACS iX. Who knew after all these years it was possible to fall in love with camouflage all over again?

Falling in Love with A-TACS iX Camo

We're positive you'll love A-TACS iX just as much as we do!


  • GunSkins: August 06, 2021
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    Aubrey, our AK-47 Rifle Skin will work on your G&G RK-74-CQB airsoft gun. For other items that require a custom approach, consider our uncut sheets available in several sizes to meet your needs. We call them Gear Skins.

  • Aubrey Wilson: August 01, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Hey! I’m looking for some camo tape to wrap my AK (G&G RK-74-CQB) and maybe some other items to match my plate carrier and helmet. Any thoughts?

  • GunSkins: November 28, 2016
    Author's avatar image

    For that gun, Stephen, We’re going to recommend using our generic 8″ × 50″ Gear Skin. And yes, it is available in A-TACS IX!

  • Stephen Humphries: November 27, 2016
    Author's avatar image

    Looking for the Atacs IX pattarn for my Styer Aug do you have one for this kit?

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