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Where is the Best Place to Use GunSkins Grip Assist on my Gun?

Where is the Best Place to Use GunSkins Grip Assist on my Gun? - GunSkins
Where is the Best Place to Use GunSkins Grip Assist on my Gun? - GunSkins

Have you ever encountered difficulty racking the slide on your pistol? Perhaps working up a sweat at the range is creating problems with holding your firearm as securely as you'd like? What about hunting waterfowl while immersed in the murky water creating a slick surface on your shotgun?

Having a firm grip on your weapon is serious business and that's why we've developed Grip Assist. Wherever you need some extra tactile security, just add some Grip Assist to it.

What is Grip Assist?

Grip Assist is an after-market liquid grip additive. It's a DIY application that can be applied directly to the surface of the gun or even on a GunSkins vinyl wrap. The added grip is a permanent upgrade. Installation is a two step process involving the liquid adhesive and the grip texture (made of fine recycled glass).

Using either the pump spray (for large surface areas) or the brush for detailed spots, you coat the surface with the liquid and shake on the grip like a salt shaker. Add as little or as much as you need to. Lastly, spray or brush another coat of the liquid and wait for it to dry. It's that simple! Black paint is optional to make it match your firearm.

Grip Assist on Shotgun Forend

The forend of a shotgun is a great place to add some extra grip to.

Touch and Go

Every application will be different. Only you know where you need the extra grip. It makes a lot of sense to have reliable texture on the literal grip of your pistol or AR-15 rifle, but other locations that might prove helpful include any areas that require racking or holding, such as the pistol slide or an AR-15 charging handle. We like to cover the forend of our shotgun to make the pump or slide-action easier to handle.

We've also been known to add a little grip to our magazines as well. From the front and back are good locations, as well as the bottom where the surface is exposed. Any touch point where your fingers or palm of your hand make contact with the surface qualifies as a good location to add some Grip Assist to. The extra friction will work to your advantage so your hand doesn't slip or loose a hold of the item.

Grip On GunSkins

A common concern regarding installing GunSkins vinyl wraps is how it changes the surface texture of the weapon. While GunSkins has been compared to feel similar to a synthetic polymer stock when touched, it certainly isn't the same as you might be used to on your personal firearm. It's certainly not as slick as some fear it to be, but the matte laminated finish of the vinyl can feel smooth when wet from rain or perspiration.

The wonderful thing about adding Grip Assist right on the GunSkins wrap is that you can apply the grip exactly where you need it and the clear coat option allows the pattern of the skin to show through. Doing it this way also enables you to bypass the permanent nature of Grip Assist. When you remove the GunSkins, the grip goes with it and your gun is left in the same condition as it was beforehand.

Grip Assist on Pistol Slide

Adding Grip Assist to the barrel or slide on your pistol will make reloading much easier.

Grip Assist contains enough liquid and grip to cover two entire long rifles. One bottle will go a long way to meet all of your grip needs. You're not limited to firearms, either. You can add grip to any surface, including plastic, wood, metal, and glass. Perhaps your gym equipment, training weapons, and other sporting applications could get even better with a little added grip.

Grip Assist combats the issue of slippery surfaces. Firearm safety is paramount, and that includes the ability to handle and function the weapon securely. If you ever find yourself in need of more grip, consider adding some Grip Assist to it.


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