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Deer Hunting Vs. Duck Hunting: Which Suits You Best?

Deer Hunting Vs. Duck Hunting: Which Suits You Best? - GunSkins
Deer Hunting Vs. Duck Hunting: Which Suits You Best? - GunSkins

Growing up, I was blessed to have a dad who loved introducing me and my brother to the outdoors in as many ways as possible, which included fishing, camping, and hunting.

I remember taking my single-shot 410 duck hunting with my dad as a kid, just big enough to shoulder the gun. At ten years old, he introduced me to deer hunting with his lever action 30-30. Since those first trips, I’ve grown to love both types of hunting.

But I enjoy duck hunting the most for several reasons, which we will discuss below. However, you might enjoy deer hunting more!

So, let’s keep reading to determine which type of hunting best suits you.

Determining If You’re A Waterfowl Hunter

While on a recent snow goose hunting trip, I spoke with the guide and asked him how he got into hunting. Strangely enough, after traveling for 5 hours, I ran into someone who grew up just 45 minutes from where I did, so we had a lot in common, including how we got into hunting.

He told me his dad introduced him to deer hunting, but when he got older, a buddy took him duck hunting, and that’s when he knew he’d found his place.

He said he loved duck and goose hunting because he got to pull the trigger a lot more and be more social.

I must agree.

Waterfowl hunting is typically more enjoyable with a group, and since the limits are daily instead of yearly, you get to pull the trigger a lot more often than when big game hunting.

Pros Of Waterfowl Hunting

  • More of a social event
  • More shooting
  • Not always hunting the same animals
  • Helps fund wetland conservation
  • Cleaning ducks is way faster and easier than cleaning big game

Drawbacks Of Waterfowl Hunting

However, waterfowl hunting also has its downsides.

  • Birds will move out of the place where you can hunt
  • Very weather dependent and not just your local weather
  • Expensive, it’s quickly become a pay-to-play pastime in most states
  • You need lots of special gear, such as a shotgun, non-toxic shotshells, waders, blinds, decoys, calls, and a lot more.
  • You don’t get much meat from each bird
  • Waterfowl meat has a distinct taste that most people don’t like (too gamey)

Determining If You’re A Deer Hunter

This past deer hunting season, my dad and I drew into a deer hunt together, and we had a great time, but we didn’t see a single deer while we were there, nor did we hunt together (we were several hundred yards apart at the closest).

Then we returned home, and he climbed up in his stand the next afternoon and shot a deer 5 minutes later. I then sat in that stand a few days later and shot a deer. We haven’t actually hunted together since I was a little kid. This primarily increases our chances of shooting a deer, but I miss sitting and hanging out with my dad in the woods.

Pros Of Deer Hunting

  • Sitting alone in nature is relaxing and refreshing
  • You can use a bow or rifle
  • You can track deer movement more easily than waterfowl
  • You get a lot of meat off of the deer
  • Venison tastes better than waterfowl to most people

Cons Of Deer Hunting

  • You primarily hunt alone.
  • I’ve gone seasons without pulling the trigger on my firearm or release; that’s never happened for an entire waterfowl season.
  • Getting a deer processed is expensive or time-consuming if you do it yourself.
  • Deer hunting is also expensive in general. By the time you purchase all the gear you need, such as a treestand or blind, firearm or bow, ammo or arrows, clothes, boots, knives, and backpack, you still have to have money in the budget for a lease or gas to hunt public land.

Parting Shots: Duck Hunting Vs. Deer Hunting

The title of this article might be slightly deceiving because I don’t believe you have to choose one over the other. I love hunting waterfowl and big game.

However, I, just like most other hunters, have preferences. So, how do your priorities line up with each type of hunting?

No matter which type of hunting you choose, be sure to check the selection of Gun Skins available online to help your weapon blend in and protect it from the elements.

Stay safe in the field and be kind to your fellow deer and duck hunters.


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