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Don't Tread on Me | Tribute to the Gadsden Flag

Don't Tread on Me | Tribute to the Gadsden Flag - GunSkins
Don't Tread on Me | Tribute to the Gadsden Flag - GunSkins

The famous coiled rattlesnake has been an important symbol in American history since the very beginning. The phrase, "Don't Tread On Me" was first published in 1775, inspired by Benjamin Franklin's satirical commentary involving rattlesnakes and their growing frustration with England. During the early Revolutionary Way, General Christopher Gadsden created this iconic yellow flag for use by the Continental Marines.

Rattlesnakes were commonly found throughout the East Coast, the location of the original 13 colonies. As early Americans were pushing toward independence and separation from their English roots, they starting using icons to represent their patriotism. Not unlike the American bald eagle, the rattlesnake became a symbol of American ideals and a free society.

DTOM Mag Skin

The true Gadsden Flag is bright yellow and features no background. Our pattern sets a weathered and discolored Gadsden Flag against the modern day American Flag as seen through a tear in the upper corner. The imagery is designed to look old and worn, but the message is still relevant today as it was more than two hundred years ago.

Similar to the Latin phrase of "Molon Labe", "Don't Tread on Me" has become something of a badge of honor. It means that the United States of America is not a pushover and will fight when provoked. Stepping on a rattlesnake in real life results in disaster. Likewise any country or extremist group who threatens the American way of life will consequently suffer the bite of the American militia.

DTOM Magwell Skin

"Don't Tread on Me" is available as a specialty pattern for accessory kits including AR-15 Mag Skins, Magwell Skins, and Pistol Mag Skins. Since its roots date back to a time of war, how fitting that GunSkins allows you to decorate and wear it on your personal firearms. It also helps make it easy to customize and identify your loadout. With meticulously checking every mag, you can set aside matching mags with the caliber rounds of your choice.

The yellow rattlesnake is a piece of history that predates the American Flag and is equally as patriotic. This symbol has been widely used in popular culture time and again. It's important to remember where we came from and what our forefathers sacrificed to ensure the freedom we all enjoy today. It was true then as it is now, "Don't Tread on Me"!


  • GunSkins: December 18, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    John, we are going to expanding our AR-10/308 Mag Skins to include patterns formerly made for the AR-15, including the Gadsden Flag.

  • John Lang: December 16, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have these skins for a 308?

  • GunSkins: November 22, 2020
    Author's avatar image

    You are correct Terry, Don’t Tread On Me is not available in AK-47 Mag Skins. Using the smaller AR-15 Mag Skin on the SKS mag will come up short and be more difficult to install around the curved front and back.

  • Terry Franklin: November 19, 2020
    Author's avatar image

    Need this specific pattern on a 20-round SKS mag, which mimics the curve of an AK-47. But this pattern is not shown except for AR.

    Can the AR magazine skin be made to work for SKS mag?

  • William Fyvie: September 10, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I love it‼️🇺🇸

  • robert camden: September 10, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I LOVE IT !!!

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