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The Best Gun Gifts for Dad

The Best Gun Gifts for Dad - GunSkins
The Best Gun Gifts for Dad - GunSkins

What better way to show love to your gun-loving dad than by buying him exactly what he wants. If your dad loves shooting or hunting, then get him a gift he’ll actually use -- and it doesn’t have to be a brand new 12-gauge. Keep reading for practical and affordable gun gifts your dad will appreciate no matter what kind of shooting he does.

Noise-Cancelling Earmuffs

How many dad’s out there struggle with their hearing later in life? It’s important to take this sense into account when using firearms recreationally. Getting your dad a nice set of earmuffs that drone out gunfire can help maintain healthy hearing for a longer amount of time.

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500s are an excellent place to start. These earmuffs suppress gunfire noises and amplify environmental noises that might be important to hear when hunting. This can allow hunters to hear nearby, softer noises with the earmuffs on. For those of you who hunt often, this is definitely a bonus trait. Hunters need to limit their level of movement before firing shots.

Not only would these earmuffs be an excellent gift choice for dads with subpar hearing, but they make for a great tactical investment as well that can improve hunting skills down the road. Your dad can now go shooting without damaging his eardrums.

Benefits of Ear Protection

To figure out exactly how loud gunshots are, it’s important to recognize the sound measurement compared to other faucets of noise. Gunfire is usually measured around 140 to 150 decibels, which is almost three times the level of a person talking at normal volume. When a sound is this many decibels, it can cause hearing loss with even one exposure.

Repeated exposure can cause even more challenges to people’s hearing throughout their lifetimes. As a general rule of thumb, the louder the sound is, the shorter the time it can take for the noise to cause sort of damage to one’s hearing.

Ear protection is vital to fight this problem. Ear protection that allows safe, softer noises to be heard, while blocking the louder, damaging sounds, is a great option. Some people may think that ear protection that only accounts for 20-30 decibels won’t help much because the gunshot noise heavily trumps it.

This is untrue; any sort of effort to muffle this loud noise will make an impact on prolonging one’s hearing. Some hunters tend to “double-up” their ear protection by wearing earplugs underneath their earmuffs and totaling the noise blockage. Although this does help, it’s more beneficial to find an ear protection method that’s suitable for yourself and to wear that constantly. This is why the Peltor Sport Tactical 500s are such a great gift idea!


The hearing sense isn’t the only important thing you should be worried about when shooting; eyesight also needs protection. Another perfect gun-related gift for dad could be a very nice pair of protective eyewear!

If your dad is somebody who already wears prescription lenses in his day-to-day life, there are means of designing his hunting eyewear to the same specifics. The WileyX sunglasses allow for customers to fit these lenses to their exact eyesight needs while also protecting their eyes and allowing for better vision during hunting.

If your dad already has a pair of protective eyewear and might be looking for more convenience, the ARC Endless protective eyewear system is a perfect holiday gift choice. This versatile system allows hunters to keep their sunglasses resting around their neck as a comfortable necklace.

Instead of clipping one’s shades over their collar or keeping them in a pocket where damage might occur, the ARC Endless keeps your glasses accessible and away from potential scratches right around one’s own neck.

Along with the notion that hunting becomes easier the less movement you must do prior to firing a weapon, this system allows for hunters to simply slip their shades on or off depending on whether they need them at that given time. This allows for a less time delay if they spot a potential animal in the vicinity.

Why Having Supportive Eyewear Is Important as a Hunter

If you’re somewhat of a novice hunter, you can still probably imagine that both eyesight and hearing are substantially important when it comes to mastering the sport. Hunters who possess better eyesight will in turn show increased accuracy along with it. ARC Endless eyewear can obviously help with this when the sunlight is extremely bright or glaring on a given day over certain horizons that might be tougher to see across.

Not only will better eyesight improve one’s shooting accuracy, but it will also make the hunting sport a more worthwhile and affordable investment. Without the ability to see as well, people often will waste ammo from missing targets that they might otherwise hit with better vision. Protective eyewear looks to correct these mistakes and turn frustrating hunting trips into more enjoyable experiences.

Gun Storage

The right to bear arms is a very important aspect of American freedoms - it’s one of the key components that distinguish the United States from other nations around the globe. With this great right comes great responsibility and another wonderful gift idea for your father during this holiday season.

A gun safe to store your weapons is another thing you could possibly purchase for your dad. These gifts lean more on the pricey side of gun gifts. However, they are very effective measures to keep your family safe and also provide an excellent location to remember where you’re storing your firearm.

Why Owning a Gun Safe Is Important

While having a gun in the house provides an excellent method to protect your family in the necessary case of intruders attempting to break into your house/onto your property, it can present an internal danger when it’s not properly stowed away. Making sure your gun is out of the reach of children or friends is equally as crucial as using your weapon against violent threats.

A gun safe can not only help you prevent others from obtaining your weaponry inside your home, but it can also make sure that intruders will not be able to steal your belongings inside the vault if you happen not to be there. It can serve as a multi-dimensional space that can also hold other items of value as well.

Skins and Accessories

Another phenomenal gift idea for dads who love shooting, protecting, and hunting is a skin for their firearm or a related accessory. At GunSkins, we have a wide list of vinyl wraps that can be used on any firearm or tactical gear. Our products are easily removable and the process of applying them to your firearms is straightforward. 

GunSkins vinyl wraps are affordable yet high quality options for firearm enthusiasts. You can buy more than one skin and easily take it off and replace it without damaging your weapon. GunSkins can even be applied to your truck or hunting vehicle. 

Your dad can change up his skin depending on his mood or type of activity, whether it's skeet shooting, hunting, or range shooting. If your dad loves changing up his firearms, consider the Mag Skin of the Month subscription. You can treat your dad to a monthly subscription or pick from three or six-month prepaid options. 

With this one-of-a-kind subscription, every month, he gets a unique AR-15 Mag Skin delivered right to his doorstep. It’s entirely customizable: He can either choose which skins he likes best and how many he wants.

Even better, he can apply our vinyl wraps on his own at home -- GunSkins sells all the tools he needs to apply his wraps to anything he could possibly think of.

Buying Your Dad the Best Holiday Gift

There are plenty of gun-related gifts for dads. If your dad is into shooting or hunting, consider a gun gift to bring a smile to his face this holiday season. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, don’t go any further than the varied selection of great products at GunSkins. Our vinyl wraps and gear skins are completely customizable. Your dad can choose from the dozens of camo, military, tactical, and patriotic patterns to express his individual style. When it comes to a gift for dad, you can’t go wrong with GunSkins.



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