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5 Reasons to Join the NRA

5 Reasons to Join the NRA - GunSkins
5 Reasons to Join the NRA - GunSkins

As more and more U.S. residents buy their first gun as a way to protect their homes, and owners grow their collection with the next best gun on the market, more and more gun owners find themselves concerned with protecting those ownership rights. 

Your guns can protect your life and your home. But what protects your guns? 

Guns have remained a highly controversial subject. With the NRA protecting owners worldwide, it’s no wonder their members display the logos loud and proud. These are the main reasons you should join the NRA today. 

Why Protection is Necessary

As a gun owner, you’ve taken on certain levels of responsibility.

For some owners, such as hunters, this responsibility involves hunting in a safe location, never taking a shot unless you know your target and beyond, and proper storage and transportation of your guns and bows. 

As a collector or simple owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your guns in a safe, well-secured environment. While a robber could be devastating to you as an owner, the damage your guns in the wrong hand could create could be life-changing. 

As someone who daily carries, you’ve decided to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community if something were to happen. As someone daily carrying, you become responsible for the gun you’re carrying and any round you would fire. More importantly, you become responsible for the decision on when you should take a life. 

No matter the reason, the law is often controversial between the owner of the gun and the other end of the barrel. Even in situations where you feel nothing wrong was done, you could find yourself needing help. 

This is where the NRA comes into play. 

National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association, or the NRA, was first created in 1871 with one primary goal, to teach the general public the safe practice of marksmanship. 

At the time, the U.S. had just come out of the Civil War, and military leaders Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate understood the general public or new soldiers were clueless when it came to firearm safety. 

After years of going in and out of war, these leaders understood further war was a serious threat, and education on guns would cause the general public to become a US defense force, creating the NRA. 

By 1872, the first public rifle ranges would be opened in New York at Creedmoor. 

In the early 1900s, the focus would be placed on youth gun safety and competitions, with the opening of what’s still considered the must-go for pistol, rifle, and competitive skeet. Camp Perry, Ohio, remains home to the National NRA and CMP Matches, where shooters come from all over the world to compete. 

As the U.S. became involved in World War 1 and World War 2, the NRA began to offer its ranges to the U.S. government while creating training material for the civilians and reserves. The Army National Guard would use ranges such as Camp Perry and Army Reserves as a final training point before troops would be shipped overseas and as a home base for the U.S. Air Force 200th Redhorse Squadron. They held weekly, monthly, and annual competitions. 

In 1978, the NRA understood a real need to protect the 2nd Amendment and its members.  The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund was established to protect gun owners rights. This team of professionals protects its members from potential legal issues. 

The creation of the NRA Foundation was established in 1990 as a 501c3 charity designed to raise money for and promote competitive youth marksmanship. From team opportunities for the youth to full-ride college scholarships, the work of the NRA has pushed marksmanship to be a well-respected sport found in boy scouts, 4H, schools, and many other clubs across the nation. 

Protecting gun owners has placed the NRA in an extremely controversial spotlight. 

Knowing there is a major gun club willing to fight for you, it comes without surprise that more and more owners are signing up for the NRA. 

Why Join? 

When owners first consider joining the NRA, they are usually encouraged by a friend or family member that has had positive effects. 

The NRA creates a family of gun owners with like-minded goals, while the actual value of membership is personal growth. 

Safety Education

From young children to older adults, gun safety education remains essential to reduce accidents and allow owners to more openly enjoy their collection. 

When going to a pistol range for the first time, you’ll likely need to sit through a safety course or video explaining how to keep your barrel pointed downrange at all points in time, how to treat every gun as if it were loaded, and how to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. 

What about hunters or those buying guns for home safety that never received this video? 

By educating the general public, you create safe, more reliable gun ownership as a whole. This reduces accidents and risks, giving the new owner a better understanding. 

Youth Education 

Owning guns in a home with kids of any age can remain a risk. While keeping your guns locked away can increase safety, there remains no safer household than those who understand and discuss the dangers of guns. 

Children who grow up going to the range, being taught how serious guns are, and how to properly and safely handle guns responsibly are less likely to touch guns out of curiosity or play with guns in irresponsible manners. 

The NRA takes youth education one step further, teaching kids about hunter safety and range safety in NRA youth competitions. 

Firearm Insurance 

Most of us love our collections. From our first childhood shotgun tucked safely away to the daily carry piece we trust with our lives, guns remain a major aspect of how we live. 

While wrapping your guns with GunSkins wraps will keep them protected from scratches, moisture droplets, and other potential damage, severe damage to your gun that could leave you devastated. 

While homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and renters insurance may cover aspects of your guns and gear, they often fall short. The NRA allows you to add insurance through Lockton Affinity Outdoor to your guns and gear, protecting your gear from theft and potential damage during home disasters. 

Legal Protection

As a gun owner, you take on all of the previously discussed liabilities and responsibilities. Even with the risk, many owners find the value of carrying essential for public safety. 

If you ever need to pull your gun in defense, you will likely be arrested and questioned. In many cases, this will lead to a court case. 

While you could hire a standard, everyday lawyer, your case may be better suited for a team of gun specialists lawyers trained to defend your 2nd Amendment rights. 

Member Discounts 

The NRA has created a long list of business partners to give major discounts. From cigars to coffee and wine, NRA members continue to receive major discounts on high-end products. 

Discounts go further than solid products, with discounts on insurance, travel costs, and healthcare discounts. 

If you enjoy NRA gear, the NRA Store remains filled with quality products and must-haves. 

The Best Protection Plan

While individual aspects of the NRA will help protect you, nothing is better than the full package. 

By following the safety courses, going to the NRA range days and competitions, and remaining active in the NRA, you’re getting your money’s worth. 

First, you’ll want to take appropriate safety courses. Introduction courses will teach you the general safety to store, travel with, carry, and shoot your guns. Focused courses, such as courses on concealed carry, will help you become more efficient with gun carry, gun draw, and proper target analysis. 

Hit the range as often as possible, and keep records of when you do. Not only will this help you become a better shot, but this shows a constant push for improvement and accuracy. 

Overall, the best defense you can create for yourself is a paper trail filled with constant training. 


While owning guns remains a major responsibility, it’s important to take pride in your collection.  

There’s no better way to show your pride in your collection than making your gear and guns one of a kind with GunSkins wraps. Your hunting gear can now be wrapped in the best camo on the market, while your carry pieces look great wrapped in American flags, camo, and so much more

The NRA has a mission to educate and protect your right to owning and carrying guns.

It’s a major job.

While protecting gun owners has placed the NRA in controversial situations, it has remained a resource for all ages to find themselves. The group is a resource, but you’ll only receive as much as you put into the group. 

For some members, a simple membership is enough. For others, it’s about taking advantage of range time, meetings, and endless deals. 



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