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Skull Specialty Patterns for Mag Skins

Skull Specialty Patterns for Mag Skins - GunSkins
Skull Specialty Patterns for Mag Skins - GunSkins

The Skull is a simple but powerful image that calls to mind many different concepts. While death is often the first association, others include punishment, vengeance, justice, and power. Mortality is the common denominator that levels the playing field, regardless of place or birth or social class. It breaks all language barriers and evokes strong emotions almost instantaneously.

The image of the Skull is received differently from place to place. While some countries feel it brings bad luck and destruction, others view the Skull with humility and reverence. Not all cultures fear death as some believe the end is the beginning of the new. We celebrate the humanity in all of us by acknowledging the body, even the skeletal components unseen but vital in daily life.

AR-10 Mag Skin (Skull)

Do a little role playing by pretending to be a gritty, lead-slinging vigilante or superhero.

In popular story telling, character designs that feature the Skull are used for both heroes and villains alike. Without explanation, it can help set a tone of seriousness and urgency. Likewise, people who wear skull designs on their apparel and accessories do so to establish identity and sometimes, their attitude. Without being outright menacing, the Skull can tell the world "don't mess with me".

In the military and competitive shooting sports, it's quite common to see the Skull design either etched on the surface of the gun, or applied via decal. The Skull can encourage shooters to be courageous and brave, especially when the stakes are high. Sometimes life is black and white and we understand that all too well. Yes or no, win or lose, life or death. These are the lessons we learn in life and they can be symbolized by a single yet simple image: the Skull.

Pistol Mag Skins (Skull)

Skull patterns are only available for Mag Skins.

We offer the Skull in several different varieties. In addition to the sleek black and white original, we also have a version with the American Flag coloring the skull. There are also two other versions, with spray painted aesthetics. These are available in a dark and light tan version, inspired by the movie American Sniper.


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