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With GunSkin Gear Skins, You Can Make Any Cooler Custom

With GunSkin Gear Skins, You Can Make Any Cooler Custom - GunSkins
With GunSkin Gear Skins, You Can Make Any Cooler Custom - GunSkins

Coolers are a necessity for any outdoor adventure, whether it’s an overnight hunting trip or a Fourth of July barbeque. Wrapping your cooler can seriously elevate not only your enjoyment of it, but its utility. Especially when you use a GunSkins Gear Skin. 

Hunting and Fishing Environments

When you’re out hunting for deer or fishing in the river, you’ll need a cooler that doesn’t stick out to your potential prey. GunSkins’ Gear Skins are perfect for wrapping your cooler to help better conceal it.


Hydration is probably the most important thing in hot and dry climates. If you’re going out to hunt or camp in a dry region, it’s best to bring a large, dedicated cooler just for water. Other food and drinks can go into another cooler. 

This would be a fun opportunity to wrap the water cooler in the Realtree Sea Glass wrap and the other cooler in something like the Kryptek Nomad skin just so there is no confusion. Another good candidate is the Kryptek Highlander if the environment has a little bit of foliage. 


Want to make your cooler invisible? Gear Skins like the Realtree Timber and the Kings Camo Mountain Shadow are just the ticket for your next outing. Solid colors, even ones that match the surrounding environment, still stick out like a sore thumb. 

The Gear Skin patterns break up the blockiness and straight lines of your cooler with realistic patterns that match your environment perfectly. Even the bears might miss it!  


Despite the fact that most coolers like Yetis are white, they still show up pretty easily to the naked eye. You might get away with a stark white cooler in Antarctica, but most areas we live and hunt in have other elements to the environment. 

A great option is the Realtree Xtra Snow Gear Skin or the Kings Camo Snow Shadow pattern. These are perfect for the snowy woods of winter, and they’ll make your cooler look even cooler. You just might have a hard time finding it. 

Tailgating and Concerts

Tailgating is an American pastime. Get the most out of the experience by bringing your very own custom cooler to sporting events. Outdoor concerts are fun, but the prices on drinks and food can be enough to spoil the fun. Your custom cooler with a GunSkins Gear Skin will have your back. 

Game Time

When it’s time to hit the road and go to the big game, nothing beats a fresh brew from a cooler full of ice. There is only one problem; a lot of other people are going to be bringing their own coolers too. 

To make your cooler stand out, wrap it with a Gear Skin that speaks to your style or sense of team spirit. When you go to a tailgate party with a custom cooler, it’s not going to get confused or mixed up with anyone else's. 

On the Rocks

Nobody likes paying for drinks at music festivals or concerts. Bring your own in style with Gear Skins. Camo patterns are fun and cool, but if you really don’t want to lose track of your cooler in the dark after a concert, some of the more colorful skins might suit you. 

The Stalkland Lotus is a guaranteed way never to lose sight of your custom cooler while packing up after a music venue. The Prym1 Fire Storm is definitely an eye-catcher with its fiery orange color. 

At the Range

Shooting ranges come in all shapes and sizes, but they also vary wildly in quality and amenities. Keeping your own personal supply of cold beverages on tap will help keep you focused. 

Tactical Hydration

No matter what range you go to or how much ammo you bring, there will always be one constant: the need for water. Bringing a cooler full of chilled water and staying hydrated is vital to having a good time at the range and performing well. 

A great way to make friends at the range is to pack more water bottles than you think you’ll need. If you see a fellow shooter low on water, offer them cold water from your custom cooler with a sweet Carbon Fiber skin from GunSkins. 

Fourth of July

How can anyone picture the 4th of July without a handy cooler? They are a staple in our nation’s most celebrated holiday. 

Hauling Your Meat in Style

The anniversary of America’s independence is probably one of the biggest barbeque days of the year. The last thing you want to be is the guy with the lamest cooler at the family gathering. 

Transport and keep your meats cold in a sweet, custom cooler that will turn heads. The Proveil Victory and Proveil Victory Grey are perfect for adding some patriotic flair to the party. Everyone will ask where you got the cooler from. All you have to say is, “It’s custom.” 

Keep it Cool, Dog

Dogs are wonderful travel and hunting companions, but they need hydration and nutrition just as much as we do. Don’t bother yourself with mixing your food and drink with your dog’s. Organize!

Dog Food and Snacks

Our furry friends need hydration and food to keep healthy and motivated on a hunt. No better way to keep them happy with fresh snacks and cold water. Some fruits and veggies that dogs like to eat need to be refrigerated. Some kibble and dog food brands need to stay refrigerated. 

A custom cooler can take care of all of that. It might also be a good idea to have a smaller, dedicated cooler just for your dog’s needs.

Top Cooler Accessories

Coolers can look stylish, but just like any piece of equipment, they need support to get the job done. These simple and affordable accessories will come in handy more often than you will care to admit. 


An essential tool in your arsenal is a bottle opener and corkscrew combo. Nothing is more frustrating on a relaxing camping trip than forgetting this item. Sometimes it’s nice to take a bottle of wine with you on a camping trip to go along with dinner. 

Ice packs are a great way to save money on ice you would usually buy on the way to wherever you were going. Just keep them in the freezer until you’re ready for your next adventure. 


Companies like Igloo and Yeti make baskets to keep dry goods suspended in your cooler to keep food from touching the ice. Try to buy a basket specifically designed for your particular cooler. 

Dividers are also a must if you’re transporting food and drinks in the same cooler. This type of organization may seem like a bonus, but it will feel more like a necessity once you’ve used it. 

A critically underrated addition to a cooler is a bench cushion. Let’s face it, we all use our coolers as seats as much as we use them for keeping things cold. You might as well upgrade it to make it official. If you forget extra camping chairs or have unexpected guests, these cushions can be a lifesaver. 

A dedicated light for the inside of your cooler may seem a little over the top until you’re looking for a cold drink at night and forgot the lantern. 

Ultimate Tips for Packing

Packing a cooler is like putting on a pair of pants; if you do it wrong, you’re gonna have a bad time. It may seem like you’re saving time by just shoving your things in without any thought, but you’re giving yourself more work in the long run. 

How To Pack Ice

If you buy ice at a store, it’s very likely to be compacted into a single block. Before placing the ice in your cooler, drop the bag on the ground a few times until the ice is broken up and able to be spread throughout the cooler. 

Breaking up the ice with a pick or other sharp tool can be dangerous, and it is not exactly efficient. Gravity is your friend. Use it to your advantage and let it do the work for you. 

Pack in Layers

If your cooler isn’t going to be packed too full, it’s a good idea to have a thin bottom layer of ice to expedite the cooling process. Generally, you should pack harder and more durable items at the bottom of the cooler; Things like cans of coke or water bottles. 

Delicate items, like eggs, should stay on the top layer of ice. Meat is a little tricky. If you’re planning on cooking it very soon after packing it into your cooler, then packing underneath layers of ice should be fine. However, it’s usually best practice to put meat on top of the ice alongside the delicate items. 

Cooler Locations

The ideal place for a cooler is inside the car or anywhere in the shade. Modern coolers like Yeti and Igloo are amazing insulators, but they are not immune from thermodynamics. You’re driving a truck and need to keep the bed cool. There are some things you can do to keep your cooler safe.

Try to cover your cooler with other pieces of gear or equipment that you’re also packing for your trip. Keeping the cooler in the shade will extend the amount of time it remains cold. Ensure your cooler is securely closed. The insulation properties are nullified if there are any openings for warmer air to get in and the cold to escape from. 



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