AR-15 Mag Skins - 3 Pack

Premium Vinyl Wrap
GS BattleWorn Dark Earth
GS BattleWorn Snow Trooper
GS Infidel
GS Infidel American
GS Lead Bull
GS Mercenary Skull
GS Military OCP
GS Military OCP Black
GS Skull
GS Skull Black
GS Skull Tan
GS Thin Blue Line
GS Thin Red Line
GS Vietnam Tiger Stripe
Kryptek Highlander
Kryptek Mandrake
Kryptek Nomad
Kryptek Typhon
Kryptek Yeti
Kuiu Verde 2.0
Kuiu Vias
PenCott BadLands
PenCott GreenZone
PenCott SnowDrift
Proveil Reaper Black
Proveil Reaper Z
Proveil Victory
Prym1 Black Out
Prym1 Fire Storm
Prym1 Multi-Purpose
Prym1 Pink Out
Prym1 Sand Storm
Prym1 Woodlands
Realtree Edge
Realtree Max-1 XT
Realtree Max-5
Realtree Timber
Realtree Xtra
StalkLand Legacy
StalkLand Lotus
StalkLand Void

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Specialty patterns on sale: Skull, Lead Bull, Infidel and more!

Save 20%

Product Info

Cover, protect, and identify your magazines with GunSkins AR-15 Mag Skins! Our precut templates make installation quick and easy. Simply clean the surface, peel and press, add heat to conform, and trim away any excess material. GunSkins offers top of line camouflage and specialty patterns to choose from, fit for any application.

GunSkins AR-15 Mag Skins are designed to fit 30-round 5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Remington) AR15/M4 compatible magazines. The kit includes pieces for the left and right side of three magazines.

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