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Camo Spotlight: Reaper Z™ By Proveil Camo®

Camo Spotlight: Reaper Z™ By Proveil Camo® - GunSkins
Camo Spotlight: Reaper Z™ By Proveil Camo® - GunSkins

On the darkest night of the year, sometimes the dead walk among us. They drag their feet and moan while they search for their next victim. Don't let that be you! In the event of a zombie apocalypse, there are two types of people: those who run and those who fight. If you've got your heart set on standing your ground, we've got you covered... literally

Reaper Z shows you mean business. You are a survivor!

Reaper Z shows you mean business. You are a survivor!


Reaper Z by Proveil Camo

It seems like in the past decade our fascination of zombies has taken our culture by epidemic (no pun intended). Popular movies, video games, and television series have distilled in us a craving for horror, and a good survival story. Whether it's caused by a virus, black magic, or mutation gone wrong, zombies are pretty universal in their depiction. It's the classic "living dead" oxymoron that has proven to be a successful topic for entertainment. 

The imagery used in Reaper Z is highly detailed and beautifully grotesque. The bio-hazard symbols are a nice reference to popular films such as 28 Days Later and Resident Evil. The green color gives a vibe of radiation and the need to quarantine. Lastly, the shredded ribbon pattern promotes struggle and violence, both common themes in zombie stories. The Reaper Z camouflage pattern has everything that zombie fans love about the genre.

Reaper Z is truly unique and original. Other zombie patterns are left in the dust when compared to the original camouflage made by zombie slayers for zombie slayers.


Proveil Camouflage Logo

One of the emerging camouflage producers that we're proud to partner with is Proveil Camo®. Founder Travis Fortner had a vision that camouflage was "more than just sticks and leaves". However, Proveil strives to make all of their patterns just as realistic as traditional camouflage. By developing HDZ (High Definition Z-Depth) they create patterns with an infinite depth and numerous layers that surpass the common foreground, mid-ground, and background method used by traditional creators.

By changing the way their images are made, Proveil has created new and unique camouflage patterns that provide not only the best blend and breakup in the industry, but they also create a thing of beauty. Again the emphasis of camouflage goes beyond merely hunting in the wilderness, they are also making a statement that collecting and shooting firearms is more than just a hobby, but a lifestyle.


Reaper Z is camouflage for Zombie Slayers. This specialty pattern was developed for gun and shooting enthusiasts as well as the everyday Zombie slayer. Combining highly realistic images of zombies and bio-hazard symbols with a shredded surface, Reaper Z is a unique pattern that shows you're ready for the apocalypse. It will give any zombie slayer a distinctive coating on their gun, competition gear and equipment.

Reaper Z Gear Skin

Check out this Bullpup in Reaper Z.

Reaper Z Pistol Skin

No two slayers are the same and that's why we offer Reaper Z for all of our kits. Shooting at a distance? No problem, the sniper can get away with using a rifle kit. What if your style is up close and personal? The fan favorite shotgun skin is perfect for close quarters combat. We've also got skins for pistols (head shots anyone?) and Gear Skins for any other weapon you carry in your arsenal, grenade launchers included.

Gun and Gear skins are so versatile, they can be used to wrap any weapon, accessory, or equipment. If it's tactical, it can become tacticool by adding something that really sets it apart: Reaper Z camouflage.

It's inevitable, the zombie apocalypse will one day be upon us and when it does, will you be ready?

Will you be ready for the zombie apocalypse? Reaper Z


  • GunSkins: December 18, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Branson, We suggest using our Gear Skin to wrap a Keltec Sub2000. Yes, this is available in Reaper Z.

  • Branson: December 17, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have the reaper z skin for keltec sub2000

  • GunSkins: December 17, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Paul, if your Mossberg has a pistol grip and/or a tactical buttstock, then we recommend using a generic Gear Skin to wrap it with as our Shotgun Skin is designed for a traditional stock. Either option is available in Reaper Z.

  • Paul luna: December 17, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have a Reaper Z skin for a Mossberg 12-gauge tactical shotgun?

  • Donald Mathis: January 03, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Do y’all have the reaper Z for the Ruger sr-762 AR-10

  • GunSkins: April 13, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    You got it, Luis!

  • Luis Garcia: April 12, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    Would like to have a catalog.

  • GunSkins: January 01, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    Yes Russ, we do!

  • Russ Perkins: January 01, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have a catalog that you can send

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