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Product Preview: Grip Assist™

Product Preview: Grip Assist™ - GunSkins
Product Preview: Grip Assist™ - GunSkins

When it comes to shooting, a consistent solid grip leads to a safer more successful experience. Whether you are hunting, tearing up a tactical course, or protecting our freedom, efficiency is key. There is no substitute for practice and a definitive knowledge of the tools you operate. With practice also comes a better understanding of the challenges we face. For example, we add lights to combat darkness, better optics for quicker target acquisition, and high capacity magazines so we can fling more lead.  Fatigue, perspiration, and precipitation all pose challenges to a consistent, solid grip... Grip Assist offers the solution.

Grip Assist can be applied on top of existing GunSkins

Grip Assist can be applied directly on top of Existing GunSkins Camouflage Wraps.

Skin it, then Grip it!

GunSkins Grip Assist™ is a liquid grip additive that can be applied over GunSkins or directly to the weapon, providing a safer, more efficient, shooting experience. From competition shooters to duck hunters, Grip Assist gives you a solid performance grip without the bulk or hassle of traditional tape. Grip Assist is a permanent grip finish that will not peel or crack. You control the grip texture by simply adding more or less to accommodate your grip performance needs.

Grip Assist Mag Skins

Mags are perfect candidates for Grip Assist. Makes loading and reloading easier and faster.

Easy to Apply

This two-part application process takes 5 minutes to apply and 40 minutes to dry. Because Grip Assist is a water based grip additive it can be used on nearly any surface. It can be applied to vinyl, metal, plastic, wood, and more!

Grip Assist Detail Grip Assist Bottles

Grip Assist is applied in a 2 Step Process.

Step One

The Liquid bottle is used to coat the surface of the object. Application is simple using the included pump sprayer or brush.

Step Two

Apply the Grip over the liquid in a shaking motion similar to how you would use a salt shaker. This gives you the freedom to apply just the right amount of Grip depending on preference.

Grip Assist is made with long-lasting crushed recycled glass. This ultra clear grip surface allows the GunSkins camouflage pattern to remain highly visible while adding the advantage of a solid grip to any surface.

Grip Assist is a Stand Alone Application

It's not necessary to have a GunSkin on your firearm for Grip Assist to be an option. It can be used to add texture to just about anything. Grip tape can be bulky, overly abrasive, and have a tendency to lift or peel. Stippling is a great way to add grip to your potentially life saving hardware but is expensive and requires you to send the items to a specialist. Stippling is also limited to the polymer components of the weapon. Grip Assist gives you the freedom to add your preferred amount of grip to any surface.

Grip Assist for anything!

Grip additive where you want it! Apply to the surface on any firearm or equipment.

Safety and success are our primary goals for the introduction of Grip Assist to our product line. Whether you are chasing ducks in soggy wet marsh or sweating it out on a tactical course in the desert, a consistent and solid grip is the key to success. Get a Grip and get it done!

Grip Assist is coming soon!
Be on the lookout and let us know what you think of this awesome new product?


  • GunSkins: December 18, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Chad. We’ll get you your money back, without a doubt. Your experience is not normal and perhaps you are correct, the liquid from your container may not be adhesive enough.

  • chad osborne : December 16, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    To be fair it could very well be a defective adhesive. I have tried several plastic items and all of them same result. I apply it wait 30 mins go back and I can rub it all off with my finger or thumb. The adhesive isn’t working at all. Ill let you know what happens and how it is handled.

  • chad osborne : December 16, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    I just bought this today applied it as instructed and the product rubs and peels off in peices. Maybe the adhesive is defective but ill be sending it back. Bought it on Amazon.

  • GunSkins: February 25, 2015
    Author's avatar image

    Grip Assist is permanent. It will not rub off from sweaty hands. For non-permanent installation, we recommend wrapping the firearm in a Gun Skin first, and applying the Grip Assist to the surface of the skin. When the skin is removed, so will the grip.

  • Andy: February 24, 2015
    Author's avatar image

    I just want to clarify how permanent this is. I see it’s water based, but will it remain in place once it’s cured so as to not fail in sweaty hands? On the other side of the coin, is it removable if I mess up the application?

  • GunSkins: November 21, 2014
    Author's avatar image

    We’re sure you’ll love it! It will be available soon!

  • brenden: November 21, 2014
    Author's avatar image

    This looks like a class product.At the moment of been stippling my grips but when this appears i think i shall be getting it.Less hassle and less fumes.

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