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Embark On a Holy Crusade with the Jerusalem Cross

Embark On a Holy Crusade with the Jerusalem Cross - GunSkins
Embark On a Holy Crusade with the Jerusalem Cross - GunSkins

We may no longer brandish swords and shields like in medieval times, but men and woman still take up arms and answer the call on the daily to fight for freedom and against tyranny all over the world. We don't measure our effectiveness by the sharpness of our steel, but rather, how sharp our aim is. The Crusader's Cross harkens back to a time long lost, but still remembered, celebrated, and now adapted for the weapons of the modern world.

In the past, an armored knight would often showcase their family coat of arms on their shield. However, it would also be commonplace to see icons or symbols relating to the kingdom as a whole. The Jerusalem Cross first dates back to the 11th Century, but was made the official emblem of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 1280s. Flags, shields, and banners all waved the iconic five-fold cross with pride for both King and Creator for hundreds of years.

Today's soldiers don't bear heavy shields or wave banners into the battlefield, but there is still a perfect place for a marksman to decorate his rifle with an emblem of historical and personal significance. Adorning the magazine of the AR-15 pays tribute to the knights of old, all the while allowing you to embark on a new kind of crusade, one not against flesh and blood but against false ideologies and oppression of freedom.

GunSkins Magwell Skin (Crusader's Cross)

GunSkins Crusader's Cross features the aesthetic of battle-worn steel with gold trimming, something worthy of being equipped by the royals and nobles of yonder. The white of the cross itself is free of distress, suggesting purity of intent or divine mission, a holy war. The Crusader's Cross is also available in the Magwell Skin, for those looking for a more subtle enhancement.

The Jerusalem Cross has been used to decorate historical European artifacts and cathedrals for centuries. Throughout the years the symbol has been referenced for both religious purposes as well as geographical or political attributions. In modern times, the five cross design easily conjures thoughts of the famous crusades, kingdom warfare, and the liberation of the Holy Land. One does not need be religious to support the concept of fighting the good fight.

Are you ready to embark on a crusade of your own? Take up the quest and lead the march at daybreak!


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