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Customize Your Paintball Gun With A Vinyl Wrap

Customize Your Paintball Gun With A Vinyl Wrap - GunSkins
Customize Your Paintball Gun With A Vinyl Wrap - GunSkins

For some action seekers, sitting behind a screen, firing rounds at your best friends may not be enough. 

You need more. You need action-packed, paint slinging war. 

Paintball is the go-to fun sport for more than 3.41 million players each year. With more players joining the fight, it's time to be different and unique among the crowd utilizing the basic black gear.

It’s time to wrap your gear with a high-end protective vinyl wrap from GunSkins

Why Paintball?

For those who haven’t yet shot paint at their friends, they may wonder what all the excitement is about. 

Paintball is a sport that combines competitive drive, athletic ability, and tactical knowledge. 

A good competitive drive keeps people pushing to become the best. To push a little further or become just a little better creates a growing want to be better in general. For many youth and young adults, this is essential for proper social development. 

While many kids find themselves sitting behind a screen, this could lead to obesity and other health risks. Taking what players love about tactical shooter video games and applying it to the real world. 

When moving from cover to cover, players sprint across the field. The adrenaline and excitement increase the heart rate and keep the blood pumping. 

Paintball might seem like a “safe” sport, and it is for the most part, but players can still be injured. Safety glasses are mandatory, and it’s common and accepted to wear armor, helmets, and other protective gear. This reduces the risk of injury while paintballing, making it a safe sport. 

For some people, paintball can be therapeutic and act as a way to let out emotions or work through certain situations. We all need our opportunity to let off some steam. 


GunSkins Vinyl Wraps

Regardless if your gear is brand new or used, proper maintenance and protection can increase longevity and keep you enjoying it for years to come. 

GunSkins offers a solution to maintaining your gear at an affordable price.

GunSkins vinyl wraps are an applied-at-home, high-performance gun wrap solution for all of your maintenance needs. 



Utilizing thermal adhesives, you can lay out and test fit your vinyl without it sticking while crooked. Simply adjust and re-align your design until it's perfectly straight, then apply heat using a heat gun or hair dryer. As heat is applied, the adhesive becomes more malleable, creating a water-tight bond. 

This air-tight adherence means your wood, plastic, and metal components will be sealed from the environment and unable to rust or deteriorate over time. 

This specially designed adhesive will affix to your metal, wood, and plastic materials with an intense bond. This means your paintball loader could be wrapped to match your helmet or paintball gun. 


Scratch Resistant

As you use your paintball gun, it will begin to break down and wear out over time. 

This can be escalated if used in extreme weather or if scratched against walls or other hard surfaces. Something as small as a scratch along the barrel can quickly rust and destroy it. 

GunSkins has developed their vinyl wraps to protect hunting gear in inclement weather. Whether you drop your gun in the snow, throw it in the bed of a hunting boat, or even drop it from a tree stand, GunSkins will protect it. 

These wraps will add a serious level of scratch and impact resistance to your gear. 


The Right Look

The standard black-on-black gear can appear bland and quite boring. While some paintball guns can be found coated and colored in various colors, they aren’t quite as tactical as you’d like. 

What if you had the option to pick and choose the design of your gear throughout the year, and change that design quickly and easily without breaking the bank? 

GunSkins have partnered with the best camo manufacturers in the industry to bring your favorite design to your gear. With a wide selection of hunting camouflage patterns, you can flawlessly blend into the woods, grasslands, sand, or snow. 

If hunting camo isn’t your favorite, GunSkins has created and presented a wide range of tactical options to fit your needs. Digitals and blurred camo have withstood the time and testing of military forces worldwide and can now be used on your gear for paint-slinging missions. 

With a range of designs, you can wrap your gear in a wide range of custom designs from the comfort of your home. 

Wrapping Your Gear 

It’s time for you to wrap your gear.

You can do it from the comfort of your home with just a few simple tools. They are: 

  • GunSkins vinyl wrap
  • Gun-specific degreasers
  • Razorblade or craft knife 
  • Hard squeegee card
  • Heat gun 

GunSkins Vinyl Wrap 

Before anything else, you must choose the size and designs you want and order your vinyl wrap. 

GunSkins takes pride in their low-entry price point, allowing you to stock up on high-performance vinyl wraps. Quick shipping will allow you to make your purchases online with the confidence you'd expect from the biggest marketplaces on the web. You can receive them in as soon as a couple of days to create one-of-a-kind gear. 


Prep The Surfaces

To receive the absolute best seal and tight bond, it’s important to remove all grease, oils, and debris from the surface.

While oils usually protect your surfaces, in this instance, it will create a barrier. 

Other forms of degreasers such as acetone or mineral spirits, while great options, should be used with caution to avoid damaging more fragile surfaces such as plastics. 

Professional degreasers such as FrogLube Solvent are designed to be used with GunSkins wraps to prep and clean the surface before wrapping. 


Lay Out Your Design

It’s time to lay out your design and decide what you want to wrap. When wrapping gear, sometimes it will look amazing to wrap every inch, while other times the design can be used as an accent. 

With GunSkins, the first application isn’t set in stone. You can apply it, take a look, and decide if you want to change certain aspects. 


Apply Heat 

Once you find the design you like, peel the vinyl off the backing and lay it on the surface. You can use your heat gun to heat the vinyl. As the adhesive becomes more pliable, it will bite into the surfaces and adhere tightly. 

If you don’t have a heat gun, a hairdryer may also work. 

Once the vinyl is hot, squeeze the material from the center out, focusing on pressing any air bubbles from the main body of the vinyl. 


Trim Edges 

A sharp blade is essential to vinyl application. Any dullness within a blade will snag and tear the sheets, ultimately creating frayed edges, tears, toles, and wrinkles for an unpleasant result. 

With such a wide range of blade types, you have options. Find a blade that’s comfortable in your hand as you trim the edges. 

With one hand, pull the vinyl tight to the edge while running the razor blade around the edge to create one smooth cut. 

Once the edges are trimmed, heat the vinyl around the edges and press them tightly. This will create a seal. 


Want To Change Designs? 

The secret to GunSkins’ success is about more than the vinyl--it’s about your gear. 

The adhesive is designed so that the vinyl can be heated once again with a heat gun, in which case the adhesive becomes flexible, and the vinyl can be easily removed. 

A bit of cleanup with a degreaser, and you’ll be ready to apply your next wrap. 

This is the perfect solution for switching designs as the seasons change or preparations for your next event. 



GunSkins can be applied to your guns, masks, reloaders, and any other solid surface. 

GunSkins is about maintaining your old gear and protecting your new gear while changing your look to something truly awesome. 

It’s time to make GunSkins a tool for your hunting, shooting, and sporting needs. 


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  • Sergio deynes: September 25, 2023
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    Looking for a tigerstripe skin for my gtek 160r paintball gun. Do you sell pre cut pieces that i can heat-on my marker?

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