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Hunting Rifle Accessories You Need

Hunting Rifle Accessories You Need - GunSkins
Hunting Rifle Accessories You Need - GunSkins

So you’ve got a new hunting rifle that needs something extra. Or maybe you’ve got an old one that’s been collecting dust and could use a bit of freshening up. Either way, you have a hunting rifle that needs an accessory to bring out its best qualities. There are several excellent attachments and modifications you can add to your hunting rifle to kick it up a notch. 

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best rifle accessories for enhancing your rifle's performance. Some are fairly affordable, and others will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Remember that the best accessory for your gun is your hunting license. Make sure you have it at all times during a hunt and that you’ve familiarized yourself with local hunting regulations. These specific hunting regulations can vary from state to state and region to region.

Hunting Scope 

You can’t go hunting without a good scope (well, you could, but it would make your life unnecessarily difficult). Your hunting rifle probably came with a scope attached, but scopes can be detached and customized or replaced.

Scopes require frequent maintenance and cleaning to ensure seamless operation. A good sight lets you put plenty of distance between you and your game. Long-range scopes are relatively easy to get a hold of, but you’ll need to be willing to spend about $100 or more.

Laser Lights

Here’s another handy device sure to take your hunting rifle up a notch: laser lights. Laser beam attachments can be mounted on either your rifle barrel or scope. Lasers are typically most useful at night when they are the easiest to see, but many are bright enough to be noticed even in broad daylight, to a certain extent.

Usually, the green lasers will give you some help during the day, not the red lasers. This is due to the mechanics in our eyes and not to any equipment fault. The red and green sights are as equals at night, but you’ll want a green one if you’re hunting during the day. Investing in a cheap one would only cost you about $20.


Flashlights are also handy accessories to snap onto your rifle or scope. This lets you keep both hands on your rifle. You’ll most likely only require a flashlight at night. Some flashlights are bright and powerful and use an intense beam.

Others are designed to be more subtle, using LEDs and specific colors to make an area almost glow, which may be less of a shock to whatever you’re hunting. These flashlights will probably go for more money than if you needed one for a pistol or combat rifle.

The flashlight needs to be good enough to illuminate broad areas in the dead of night and possibly at a great distance, so you’ll be looking to invest $50 or more.


Some rifles are heavy—the heaviest rifle today is almost nine pounds. Attaching a sling to your rifle is easy and allows you to redistribute the rifle’s weight to either side of your body.

A sling also makes handling your rifle much easier if you need to free up your hands to pick up a mag or to adjust a holster or belt. Some slings come with pouches and mag holders to add to their usefulness. 

Ammo Holders 

Ammo holders are very useful accessories that look cool on your gun. Ammo holders are pouches that hold a few rounds of ammo and attach to the stock of your rifle. This allows you to carry a bit more out into the field but, more importantly, will make it easier to access ammo when you need to reload quickly.

Hopefully, you’ll land that first shot, but it’s a good backup plan to have. Some of these holders come with other compartments or cheek rests to make the gun even more comfortable. 

Rifle Bag 

A rifle bag makes transporting your hunting rifle easy and keeps your rifle protected from the elements. There is a wide range of rifle bags to choose from, but if you’ve got a budget of $50 or more, then you should be able to find a good deal. 

Repair Kits

Repair kits may not seem like much of an accessory, and they definitely can’t be attached straight onto your rifle, but they are completely necessary to make sure your rifle is in tip-top shape.

Lubricating, polishing, and cleaning supplies run for about $10 or so, and you’ll need these most frequently. You may need wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, sanders, and other tools for gun jams or major damage. 

Camo Vinyls 

Camouflaging your gun is useful for hunting. You can purchase premium vinyl skins that come in officially licensed camo patterns when you buy from GunSkins.

These premium vinyl skins provide a layer of protection to your rifle. We have hunting rifle skins in various camo patterns that can help take your hunting to another level. 


Suppressors can be a good option for your hunting rifle if you hunt frequently. A suppressor can help protect your ears. A suppressor is also a great accessory if you track prey sensitive to loud noises. Suppressors can be expensive, but depending on what you’re hunting, they’re well worth the price. 

Barrel Dampener 

A barrel dampener is an excellent accessory that instantly enhances your hunting rifle’s performance. A barrel dampener is a rubber counterweight that slips onto the exterior of the gun’s nozzle and slides to the back of the barrel. Now when you shoot, you’ll notice less recoil, and the gun will be easier to handle. 

Gear Up and Hunt On 

Ultimately, even the most modern tech and cool gadgetry won’t make you a better hunter. But they can make your hunt easier and more enjoyable.       



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