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JM4 Tactical Holsters: Perfect fit for GunSkins

JM4 Tactical Holsters: Perfect fit for GunSkins - GunSkins
JM4 Tactical Holsters: Perfect fit for GunSkins - GunSkins

We know that you have trusted us to ensure that we have the best product for your firearms, and at GunSkins we take that trust seriously. One of the big questions we get all the time from customers is which holsters do we recommend for your pistols after you have put on one of our fantastic coatings. Well, we have an answer now, and that is the leather magnetic holsters from JM4Tactical.com!

JM4 Tactical holsters are revolutionary in the market, much like we are when it comes to coatings. While the leather holster isn’t new, these holsters have a ton of features that are.

Made From the Best Leather

First is that JM4 uses full grain, grade A, Herman Oak leather, which unlike others is incredibly durable and the highest quality of leather available. These aren’t floppy, which means that you don’t have to worry that it will fold, get into the trigger guard, and press the trigger when holstered. Because it is leather it will form fit to your firearm, but it will not harm the finish that you worked so hard to apply.

Made to Fit

Second is that these are custom made to your specifications. You have a Glock 19 with a light on the underside? JM4 has got you covered. Have an RMR cut?  No worries, they can make that cutout for you. Want deep concealment? Try the Original. Want easier to draw? Look at the High Ride. Just like our selection of skins, find the ones that work for you, and they have them.

Magnetic Retention

Finally, one of the best features we saved for last. If you are worried about retention, these holsters do so with magnetic retention. Yes, the holsters are kept in place and hold your firearm with incredibly strong magnetic retention vice clips or straps. This has several advantages.

If you are using tight fitting KYDEX or other holsters with clip retention, it will significantly wear on those parts, especially our GunSkins, but not so with these holsters. Additionally, they are much more versatile than the standard belt worn holster, as you don’t need a belt to wear your firearm anymore. You want to go to the store in your sweats, now you can without having to worry about it wearing on your new finish.

JM4 Tactical Holster

The last major thing that these magnetic holsters can do is retain your pistol much easier, even when driving. For example, you can take your holster and use the strong magnets to attach to the steering column, the door, or next to the center console. This is far superior to throwing it into your center console, or having it loose in a bag, or even worse in the seat next to you.

More to Consider

If you are not sure about the magnetic retention, check out their traditional line, such as the RELIC which are form fit to the firearm, and pair nicely with their custom leather belts and magazine holsters.

However, these folks have a ton of other great products that we can confirm are just as high quality as their holsters. If you like to pair your trip to the shooting range with a good cup of coffee, check out their premium coffees, which are also American made, and will make you feel good about supporting 2A at the same time.

We at GunSkins want to provide only the best recommendations for our customers, so we wholeheartedly support JM4 Tactical.  Check out their website at Homepage - JM4 Tactical Holsters and find something that works for you!


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