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Introducing Pistol Accent Skins!

Introducing Pistol Accent Skins! - GunSkins
Introducing Pistol Accent Skins! - GunSkins

Using a Pistol Skin and the accessory Pistol Mag Skins 6-Pack, it's possible to wrap your entire handgun up and down.

But what if you don't want to wrap the entire thing? Our customers have shared with us that they have selectively wrapped only the slide, the frame, or smaller area for a minimal but still pleasing look. Inspired by their creativity, we're developed a kit to do just that for less than the price of the complete gun kit.

Pistol Accent Skin (America)

The Glock template is universal and will fit most other semi-automatic models.

Pistol Accent Skins combine the ease of installation of a Mag Skin but with the overall look of a complete Pistol Skin. It's a nice offering that meets right in the middle. The grip and mag pieces are designed to fit as is, but the slide piece will require trimming to fit. You don't have to wrap every nook and crevice in order for the gun to look amazing. Sometimes, less is more.

Template includes:

  • Single piece for the slide
  • Two grip pieces
  • Six pistol mag skins

Sizes available:

  • Glock 17
  • Colt 1911
  • SIG Sauer P226

Colors available:

  • America
  • Military OCP
  • Proveil Reaper Black
  • Proveil Victory
  • Thin Blue Line

Pistol Accent Skin (Proveil Reaper Black)

Even easier to install than the standard Pistol Skin!

This is a great alternative to the complete Pistol Skin because it's easier to install and less expensive. We've developed three different template options to accommodate popular models. The Glock variant is a good universal option, will fit most pistols. The 1911 and Sig variants are more unique and require larger frame pieces.

GunSkins Pistol Accent Skins allow you to easily customize the look of your Glock, 1911, or Sig P226 without breaking the bank. Pistol Accent Skins can be installed in less than an hour and costs less than a complete gun wrap. The kit is 100% removable and comes with a 5-year color quality guarantee.


  • GunSkins: February 26, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Unfortunately Ronald, at this time we do not have any precut templates specifically for the Taurus. Our Accent Skin is only available for Glock and 1911 models. However, because pistols come in all shapes and sizes, our full size Pistol Skin takes a universal approach, a one-size-fits-most type of installation. The pieces for the frame and slide (up to 8") require the user to trim to fit their specific model.

  • Ronald L Grant: February 26, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have custom wraps for Taurus PT 709 slim custom wrap kit too fit the gun?
    Thanks Ron

  • GunSkins: September 25, 2020
    Author's avatar image

    Jimmy, our full Pistol Skins are universal wraps, a one-size-fits-most kind of install. It requires the user to trim around the trigger guard and grip to fit their specific model. In that regard, it will definitely work with the SIG P320 Carry Size.

  • Jimmy simmons: September 24, 2020
    Author's avatar image

    Do you have the full skins for the sig p320 carry size.

    Thanks jimmy

  • GunSkins: March 25, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Howard, for the Taurus PT709 Slim it might be best to use our universal Pistol Skin to wrap your gun with, and trim to fit.

  • Howard johnson: March 23, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Hello, I’m sorry to bother.. I was curious if you carried skins that would fit a Taurus pt709 slim… thanks

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