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RealTree® Camo for GunSkins Coming Soon!

RealTree® Camo for GunSkins Coming Soon! - GunSkins
RealTree® Camo for GunSkins Coming Soon! - GunSkins

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Realtree® Camo is coming to GunSkins in 2019! Not only is Realtree one of the largest brands in the hunting marketplace, but it's been one of the single most requested brands ever since we launched GunSkins more than five years ago. This partnership marks an important milestone for GunSkins!

Not unlike our own origin story, Realtree founder, Bill Jordan, knows the struggles of creating something new and shuffling left and right to make contracts and build interest in his vision. Bill created his first camouflage design in 1986 with paper and colored pencils. He knew from the very beginning that effective camouflage needed dimension and depth. His goal was to create something that was versatile and applicable in a wide range of terrain.

More than 30 years later, Realtree is still producing distinctive and effective camouflage that is widely available for hunting apparel, gear, and soon GunSkins gun wraps! Their newest release is called EDGE, which is referred as "the first camo that disrupts the human form and naturally conceals". With decades of camouflage experience behind him, Bill Jordan is still pushing the envelope.

Realtree Edge Camo

Realtree Edge is their latest camouflage pattern in a long line of popular designs.

One of the reasons we're so excited to offer Realtree is because it compliments the rest of our current offerings. We've got the tactical side taken care of with A-TACS and Kryptek Camo. Realtree is a household name among the hunting community and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Their photo-realistic designs are effective in close-range concealment and is popular for deer hunting, bow hunting, and fishing!

The Realtree Max-5 pattern is the definitive camouflage for hunting waterfowl. When you're knee deep in tall grass, you can rely on Realtree to keep your person and your shotgun hidden from sight. Similarly, Realtree Xtra has proven to be the go-to choice for deer hunting in a densely wooded environment. Realtree Max-1 XT is quite popular in the West Coast.

We're also giving you a sneak peak at a yet-to-be-released camouflage pattern, called Timber. This new pattern is a nostalgic call-back to Bill Jordan's very first design, the one he sketched on paper with colored pencils in the 1980's. The oak tree in the front yard of his parent's house was the inspiration for this specific camo. Timber accomplishes this by layering twigs and leaves over a vertical bark background to create a three-dimensional appearance. GunSkins will be among the first to offer this pattern in a vinyl gun wrap application.

Realtree Timber Camo

Realtree will be launching Timber in January 2019.

In addition to offering their popular patterns, including Edge, Xtra, Max-5, Max-1 XT, and the new Timber, we're also looking at including a few of the Xtra Colors series. We have our eyes on either Coral, Paradise Pink, Wild Orchid, or Sea Glass. Please take a look at the options available for Realtree Colors and let us know which one(s) you would like to see offered for GunSkins!

We've heard requests from customers and we're excited to finally make those wishes come true. Realtree will be made available for GunSkins in the coming months. If you are as excited about Realtree as we are, let us know with a comment below! 


  • Jarrod cook: March 06, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Max-5 & max-4 are my all time favorite by real tree. Max-5 for sure

  • GunSkins: January 02, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Lance, we are actively working on toning the Realtree patterns to match the colors as seen in apparel and gear. We expect to have them ready for sale by the end of February.

  • Lance Taylor: January 01, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    I was about to place a order until I seen the news of this on your facebook page. Any idea when we can expect realtree to be available?

  • GunSkins: December 04, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Thank you for your suggestion, Matt. Max-1 is definitely on the way!

  • Matt: December 04, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Definitely want to see the Max 1 but would love to set up one of my rifles with the AP Snow Camo.

  • GunSkins: December 03, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Thank you for your suggestions, Anthony! We do a $100 gift card giveaway every Monday for anyone who signs up to our email newsletter that week!

  • Anthony Bosserman: December 03, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    You have got to have the Glacier, Granite and Meteorite. I want to wrap just the stock and magazine of my Mossberg 935SA. I think I am going to wait for the Meteorite to become available. Please keep me updated. Thanks. How often do you have give aways?

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