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Steady Your Aim 'Cause Realtree Max-5 Camo is "Calling Fowl"

Steady Your Aim 'Cause Realtree Max-5 Camo is "Calling Fowl" - GunSkins
Steady Your Aim 'Cause Realtree Max-5 Camo is "Calling Fowl" - GunSkins

"For every bird that was brought home there were countless others that got away. It's not the bounty that makes it a successful hunt, but rather, the experience."

Here at GunSkins we love parting the reeds, rousting, blasting, and bagging waterfowl as much as the next guy. Our brothers, fathers, and grandfathers have been duck hunting since time immemorial; passing on the sacred family traditions, tricks of the trade, and ever-implausible stories.

There's nothing quite like escaping the hustle and bustle to romp and wade in the wilderness. At last you can make sense of the world again, breathe deep, and take solace as you take aim. Effective concealment is a major part this equation; and the right camouflage can make you blend in or stand out like a …..well like a goose in the paddling. When it comes to immersing yourself among the reeds, willows, and the marsh grass, there's no one that does it quite like Realtree Camo.

Built on the proven success of it's own predecessors, Max-5 camouflage is the latest and greatest when you are felling fowl. The detailed imagery of cattails, reeds, cane, and other vegetation blends perfectly against any flooded marsh, swamp, or pond. The pattern is not monotone as there is just a hint of green to make it more versatile when compared to other similar camouflage.

Shotgun Skin (Realtree Max-5)

GunSkins and Realtree Max-5 are a perfect combination for effective concealment. The vinyl coating on your shotgun will seamlessly blend in to the environment and protect the surface of ol 'Faithful with its waterproofing features.  Light rain, heavy downpour, or stuck in the mud? Your shotgun is good to go. There is no risk of early peeling or discoloration as a result of moisture as GunSkins premium vinyl wraps are designed as much for outdoors as for outdoorsmen.

Max-5 is the preferred pattern for serious duck hunting, but don't think it's just for your shotgun. We offer Realtree Max-5, along with other premium patterns, for your AR-15, Pistols, and  Gear Skins for your other essential equipment. The latter is especially useful if you have hunting accessories that could use matching finishes, including range finders, duck calls, binoculars, and cameras. When you're out in the field, you don't want to risk any of your equipment giving away your position because it wasn't concealed properly.

Shotgun Skin (Realtree Max-5)

We got you and yours covered. Whether you're knee deep in murky waters or settling in the dry tall grass, the last thing we want you to worry about is how good your scattergun looks or how protected it is from the elements. 'Cause the only thing that should be going through your mind is how long you can hold position until the next fly over. Go make your papa proud!


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