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Level Up Your Tactical Approach With GunSkins

Level Up Your Tactical Approach With GunSkins - GunSkins
Level Up Your Tactical Approach With GunSkins - GunSkins

Gearing up for a hardcore outdoor experience? The tactical enthusiast isn't going to be caught dead out in the field wearing a t-shirt and khaki shorts. No, those guys are serious about their craft. Nothing less but the best gear in the most effective camouflage will do the job. While their person may be decked in camo from head to toe, GunSkins offers the missing piece to complete the set and ensure maximum concealment.

Brothers in Arms

It's not uncommon for veterans who retire from serving to take up recreational shooting using comparable gear and weapons as their government issued counterparts. Our Military OCP camouflage pattern was designed specifically with these folks in mind. If it was good enough to work while deployed, it'll certainly get the job done on domestic soil. We recently released the Thin Green Line to celebrate all those who served in the US Military.

It is not a requirement to be a card carrying veteran to consider yourself a civilian tactical operator, however. Many fine young men and women invest in training courses and equip themselves with the right apparel and hardware for these high octane drills. They prefer digital camo over sticks and leaves, the stencil over floral design, and a configurable AR-15 over a stock hunting rifle any day of the week. When the zombie apocalypse inevitably breaks out, these are the guys you'd want in your caravan.

AR-15 Rifle Skin (Prym1 Black Out)

It's Personal

Gun owners are a rather passionate crowd. While some may scoff at the idea of customizing a firearm simply because they view it as nothing more than a tool, they miss the part that for many, being a gun owner, and by extension their gun, is a part of who they are. Car guys are a thing, so too is being a gun guy. The difference, however, is that the owning and operating a vehicle isn't a right, but rather, a privilege. Meanwhile, gun ownership is a fundamental right of every US citizen, protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Not unlike car buffs, tactical enthusiasts also believe that any customization you can do to make your hardware different than what came stock, all the better. These guys are anything but vanilla! When they show up at the range with their full arsenal, you can bet they frequently receive compliments and inquiries about their weapons. It's not unheard of for someone like this to spend thousands on a single rifle with a custom magwell, fluted barrel, extra capacity magazine, and more.

GunSkins offers the ability to change the look of the firearm by doing it yourself instead of sending it off to have it installed by a gunsmith (no judgment if you do). This particular aspect of our product is alluring to those who prefer to build their own rifles from the ground up rather than purchase one pre-assembled. The time and energy put into installing every spring and takedown pin is a labor of love. Applying GunSkins with the same level of precision and personal touch is expected and appreciated.

Gear Skin (PenCott GreenZone)

Applications vary from user to user. On the surface, the getup screams 'special forces', but that doesn't always reflect the intent of use. Some simply prefer tactical camo over traditional foliage during a hunting trip. Are they subconsciously preparing for another world war? Maybe some are, but for the most part it's simply a matter of personal preference. It certainly gives them an edge when their stealth is cranked up to eleven!

Making the Best With What You've Got

Elsewhere around the world, where gun laws are more restrictive, we've seen a rise in alternative shooting opportunities, including airsoft and paintball. Our GunSkins dealers in Japan and Europe have found success in establishing our product as a viable option for customizing pellet, bb, and paint-specific firearms. These replicas are virtually identical to their real steel counterparts. Since our vinyl wraps only cover the surface, they are always compatible.

When these are the only forms of personal firearms available, it's no surprise that someone would go above and beyond to make their presence and their weapon look as legit as possible. Having the ability to customize with GunSkins is a great option to make your non-lethal shooter stand out and triumph over the rest of the competition. 

AR-15 Rifle Skin (A-TACS ATX)

You don't need to be on the SWAT team to dress and maneuver like a badass. There is an engaging community for folks who are passionate about guns, gear, and glory! How this is expressed is as varied as the users themselves. Some people enjoy running drills and keeping diligence, should a worst-case scenario ever occur. Those overseas engage in team-based rounds of airsoft and paintball competitions. Still others are simply good-to-honest hunting folk who like to do things a little different.

There is something about donning a uniform with matching protective equipment and firearm that gives a person an aura of authority, respect, and leadership. These are the kind of alpha leaders who take charge and take point. Does all that tactical gear and camouflage make them a better marksman? There may not be any evidence to suggest causation, but there is certainly a correlation that is hard to deny.

Simply put, those who spend most of their free time investing top quality apparel, weapons, and matching GunSkins are more than likely proficient in the use of such equipment and therefore worthy of the title: tactical operator.

With over 50+ patterns to choose from, there is a GunSkins option for every gun owner! Check them out! Which firearm do you own?


  • Bailey Hamor: June 25, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Wrapping my Ar-15 with a gunskin is one of the coolest things I’ve had the privilege of doing ! It was a simple, and (not to sound like a dork) but it was a pretty fun project too! It helps me have a more unique firearm to operate and is a very practical addition. Black OCP all night baby

  • John tandy: June 25, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Show me some pistols🤓

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