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Custom AK-47 Mag Skin

$ 19.99

*Uploaded images not trademarked or otherwise legally protected by another party. GunSkins takes no responsibility for infringement. Images files are printed as is. 1000px minimum for best results.

Custom skins are shipped within two weeks to allow for production.

Custom AK-47 Mag Skin

$ 19.99

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  • Specifications
      • Do It Yourself: Easy to install high-performance vinyl
      • Compatible: Conforms to any shape, trim to fit
      • Removable: Leaves no residue behind
      • Durable: 100% Waterproof non-reflective matte finish
      • Warranty: Lifetime
      • Made in: USA
      • Product Type: AK-47
      • Brand: GunSkins
      • Weight: 2.0 oz


  • Description

      Customize your loadout with your very own personalized AK-47 Mag Skin! Upload your own logo, artwork, or photograph and make your build truly one-of-a-kind. Custom mag skins make great gifts, souvenirs for a party or charitable event, or merch for your business. Shirts and hats are nice, but when it comes time to showing off at the range it's what your rifle is wearing that will draw the most attention!

      Mag Skins come in a left and right side. Only one image is required but it's preferable to provide a secondary mirrored version as well. Otherwise, the one upload will be used for both sides. We will mirror the image for the sake of keeping symmetry unless text is involved, which will be rendered unreadable on one side if flipped.

      The user must be the rights owner for the image uploaded or have the permission to reproduce it. Please provide a high-resolution file for best results. We will not allow custom mag skins with content that is discriminating, hateful, grotesque, pornographic, or other otherwise in bad taste. We reserve the right to decline any submission if we feel the image is in violation of our requirements.

  • Install Video
  • F.A.Q.
    • Why will the GunSkin not stick to my gun/accessory?
      You must thoroughly clean the gun/accessory before installing the GunSkin. We use a gun-specific degreaser and a small brush. Make sure to scrub all the recessed areas to remove oil and dirt. Then wipe it off, or with some parts you can rinse with warm water and let dry. Newer guns tend to be more oily, so you might need to clean it twice. Before installing, you can use rubbing alcohol to wipe off any dust or debris. Also, make sure to use heat as your installing the GunSkin, it helps the material to conform.
      Can the GunSkin be removed?
      GunSkins are removable and have no effect on the finish. To remove the GunSkin, heat the material with a heat gun/blow dryer and peel off. If there is any residue left behind, use rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone to remove.
      Will heat from the barrel melt the GunSkin?
      The heat from the barrel will not effect the GunSkin. However, we do not recommend installing the GunSkin on the barrel, if you intend on using full auto.
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