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Pistol Accent Skin

Premium Vinyl Wrap
GS America
GS Military OCP
GS Thin Blue Line
Proveil Reaper Black
Proveil Victory
Proveil Victory Grey

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Product Info

The pistol is the obvious choice for those of us that carry daily. The GunSkins Pistol Accent Skin allows you to conceal, protect, and customize your handgun in less than an hour. This easy-to-install gun wrap allows you to add a non-permanent vinyl accent to your Glock, 1911, or P226.

GunSkins are 100% waterproof, non-reflective, and made in the USA. The Pistol Accent Skin allows you to wrap the sides of the grip, slide up to eight inches, and six magazines. You decide just how much or how little to wrap. Sometimes less is more!

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