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How to Wrap a Left Handed AR-15 Rifle

How to Wrap a Left Handed AR-15 Rifle - GunSkins
How to Wrap a Left Handed AR-15 Rifle - GunSkins

GunSkins camouflage wraps can be used to add unique designs to your gun in a layer of protection. Our firearm specific kits make installation a breeze using our exclusive pre-cut pieces. One of our most popular kits is the AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin. This particular template uses more than 15 specially cut pieces that will fit most stocks with minimal trimming and adjustment. However, will the AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin fit a left handed gun?

The Difference Between Right and Left

The primary difference between a right handed AR-15 and a left handed version is the upper receiver, which encases the bolt, bolt carrier, and ejection port. All other components, such as the barrel and forend, are virtually identical and completely compatible. The reason for having a mirrored upper receiver is because a right handed ejection port could fling hot brass shells directly into the shooter if they were firing from a left-handed position. This is a safety concern and can also hinder shooting efficiency.

Not every AR-15 will eject the shell into personal territory. Some models may have an additional deflector in the ejection port to reflect the brass away from the shooter's face, regardless of hand orientation. I also want to address that some left handed firearms may also contain a lower receiver with the safety selector on the opposite side. This modification caters to those who want operate their guns for a more effective left handed experience.

For the sake of this article, we're assuming the gun in question contains a left-handed upper receiver with the ejection port on the left side and a lower receiver with a mirrored safety selector.

Safe Shooting AR-15 Rifle

Shooting safety should be top priority.

Piecing It All Together

When we designed our AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin templates, we measured and cut each piece to fit a right handed firearm. The pieces that fit the upper and lower receivers are not mirrored for the left handed equivalents. Therefore, a total of four pieces can be considered incompatible. However, all of the other pieces are "install ready", even for left handed guns. 

Template Compatibility for Left Handed AR-15 Rifles

Template compatibility for left-handed AR-15 rifles

Can you use the right handed kit to wrap a left handed AR-15 Rifle? The answer is yes! Whatever piece doesn't fit can be replaced by cutting new pieces from the single sheet portion of the kit (measuring 8" x 23"). Simply peel the upper and lower receiver pieces and flip them over. Use them as a guide and trace the shapes on the bulk section using a pen or pencil. Use your sharp hobby knife and cut the new shapes out. Doing this creates mirrored pieces that will fit perfectly on a left handed receiver.

A Custom Kit for a Custom Gun

As an alternative to tweaking the AR-15 Rifle Skin to fit a left handed rifle, we also recommend using a Gear Skin instead to get the job done. Gear Skins are generic kits that can be cut and trimmed to fit any gun! The single sheet measures 8" x 50" and is less expensive if you don't mind the extra the DIY effort. If you take your time during the install process, there is no reason the end result can't look as clean and seamless as any other installation.

Approximately 10% of the population is left handed. But there's a 100% possibility of having your left-handed AR-15 Rifle wrapped with a GunSkins camo kit. There may be some slight modifications required, but overall the process of peeling, trimming, and heating the material is the same for every single piece on every single kit. No two guns are the same, so why not make yours stand out from the crowd in the best way possible?

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  • Richard Long: October 21, 2022
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    I’m looking for two AR15 skins in American flag and one in tan camo. Can you please give me the order numbers.

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