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Cover Me Veterans | Remember Who Covers You & Needs You to Cover Them

Cover Me Veterans | Remember Who Covers You & Needs You to Cover Them - GunSkins
Cover Me Veterans | Remember Who Covers You & Needs You to Cover Them - GunSkins

Veterans are heroes. They sacrifice their time and energy to protect our home from those who threaten freedom. But the life of a hero isn't always as glamorous as our comic books paint them to be. It can be tough, both in service and off duty. GunSkins understands this and that's why we've partnered with Cover Me Veterans, a non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness regarding veteran suicide and offer a solution to keep our heroes safe and alive.

Cover Me Veterans formed in 2016 with a mission to lower suicide rates. While it's practical to remove possession of firearms from struggling veterans, it's not always possible. Many veterans come to view their gun ownership as a badge of honor, a reminder of their service, and a part of their identity.

By partnering with GunSkins, Cover Me Veterans offers FREE Pistol Accent Skins to decorate the grips and mags of any size pistol. Not only does this add a nice touch of camouflage but the most important part resides in the user-uploaded photo printed on the kit, making each one unique and personal to the owner. Cover Me Veterans described their approach with the following:

"We believe that an individual might THINK TWICE about ending his or her life if prompted to look at an image of something in his or her life that matters most (spouse, children, parents, pet, battle buddies, religious icon, etc.). Looking at one of these images is likely an effective way to intervene at this critical and incredibly dangerous time."

Their approach to minimizing the risk of veteran suicide isn't accomplished with gun control, but rather with emotional encouragement. The critical moment of life or death involves the holding and viewing of a firearm, usually a pistol. This "last opportunity" scenario sees the victim in a state of emotional struggle and vulnerability. It this crucial moment that Cover Me Veterans conveys a message of hope and inspiration.

Cover Me Veterans

Veterans can upload any photo they wish and have it printed on their custom Pistol Skin.

In less than the two years since their launch, Cover Me Veterans has received many positive testimonials from real veterans who shared their experience and gratitude for their free kits. Having a reminder of someone special can make all the difference and all the more when your life is on the line. It's not only the life of the veteran that's important, but the men, women, and children in their lives who matter also.

There's a powerful emotional tug when veterans remember those who covered them on the battlefield. Likewise, at home there are also those who need to be covered and protected. Cover Me Veterans transforms a struggling veteran from feeling like a victim to feeling like a hero who still has a worthy journey ahead of them and loved ones to accompany on the adventure.

To learn more, support the cause, and/or receive your FREE GUNSKINS if you are a veteran, visit You do not need to be a struggling with suicidal thoughts to qualify for a kit. Even civilians may purchase one and help spread awareness. Together, we can do our part to honor our veterans and make them feel like the heroes they are.


  • GunSkins: June 06, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    Sorry to hear that Chase. Our partnership with Cover Me Veterans is a supplier model. We provide them the skins and THEY are the ones who personalize and give them away at no charge. Please reach out to them for all inquiries.

  • Chase Miller: April 13, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    I messaged you guys about 3 years ago with a picture and everything and I never received it. Just let me know if your still doing this for us?

  • Louis : September 08, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Would love skins for my pistols. 9mm glock and 9mm ruger

  • GunSkins: May 27, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Alan, please visit their website and you can make a donation directly.

  • alan kedoci: May 25, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    How do i give a donation to this very needed organazation

  • Leisa Williams: April 29, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    This is a great way to help our Veterans Think Twice. I love campaign End 22 but I really am digging Think Twice and think it will catch on.

    I served, and now volunteer with the Disabled American Veterans. I would like to help spread your message. Could you email me for further discussion?

    Leisa Williams 1Lt, USAF Ret.

  • David Adams: April 27, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Very interested … is there a way to order …

  • Jeremy Granger: April 26, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    How can I get a free set of cover me veterans skins for my pistols

  • David Rodriguez: April 26, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    The Struggle is all to real, PTSD has changed me in ways I never could of dreamt possible. More like “nightmares”, I have learned some coping skills to offset the my inner demons. The fighting continues everyday somedays I am Victorious others, well I say I won cause I am still fighting but only by a split decision. Thank you for an other tool to combat these demons.

  • Phillip M Goins: April 26, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    This is a wonderful gift your giving back to veterans

  • Scott Gainey: April 26, 2019
    Author's avatar image

    Would love skins for my piece. Love what you guys are doing for us. Keep up the challenge…22 a day is too many.

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