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Easy to Remove GunSkins and Swap For Another Pattern

Easy to Remove GunSkins and Swap For Another Pattern - GunSkins
Easy to Remove GunSkins and Swap For Another Pattern - GunSkins

One of the many great benefits of GunSkins vinyl wraps is the ease with which they can be replaced. Whether you're swapping out your pattern due to the change in hunting season or you're just itching to give your firearm a new look, GunSkins are the easiest solution on the market to remove and replace, not to mention the most convenient.

Where traditional coating or dipping solutions require professional removal that is time consuming and costly, GunSkins vinyl wraps can be removed in just a few minutes with little to no evidence that it was ever there. Any residue left behind is easily removed with a cleaning solvent and you're ready to install your new pattern.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Don't believe us? Take a look at this quick video as we remove a pistol skin, revealing the clean, preserved factory finish underneath.

It's also nice to know that vinyl removal doesn't require the use of any harsh chemicals, for example acetone, which is commonly used to strip paint. No need for masks or thorough room ventilation to get the job done. How easy is that?

GunSkins is a one-time use application. The removal process does stretch and tear the vinyl into ripped pieces, not ideal for a second installation. Discard the material after taking it off and you're ready for round two with a brand new pattern! Even if you repeat this process several times, you're still below what it would cost using other finish options.

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  • GunSkins: April 01, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Mike, the vinyl can definitely conform to the forend of the Maverick. Hit the material with heat and use a piece of foam or towel to press down, the vinyl will stretch and contour the ridges.

  • Mike Sampson: March 31, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    I am thinking of putting a GunSkin on a Maverick 88, 12 ga shotgun. Has anyone tried to put a GunSkin on the forend of the Maverick or any firearm with a lot of character like the Maverick forend?

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